How to open the 'Projects' panel in Netbeans

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In Netbeans, to the top left of where the code is, there used to be two panels, one called 'Projects' where you could click a project name to open a tree of all the directories and files in it, and you could double click a file to edit it.

Below it is the navigation panel which shows the class names, methods, etc contained in the file you're viewing.

I accidently clicked the close button on the projects panel and can't figure out how to get it to open again, any ideas?

In Netbeans 6.8 on Windows, going to Window -> Projects brings it back for me. CTRL + 1 works as the shortcut.

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Click Window > Reset Windows will give you back the old state of all windows!

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just go to Window in menu bar and select Projects

 Window -> Projects 

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In NetBeans 8.2 Go to Window->Navigator in menu bar or press Ctrl+7 and select Projects it will open a folder as work space .

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  • Had the same issue and did this. It did bring back the Projects window but when i open a file from the Projects window it opens in the same pane as the Projects window. @Tareq Mahmood answer solved it for me.
  • Had the same issue. Resetting did not work either. But Ctrl+Shift+1 did the trick for me.
  • And Window → Navigator (Ctrl+7) gives the code navigation window the question also mentions.
  • Thanks! I opened NetBeans to find the left vertical toolbar empty. When I opened the Projects tab by Window → Projects, it opened a tab like any other file, and I couldn't get it to dock vertically again. This fixed it!