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I have three tables let's say A, B and C. Each of them has column that's named differently, let's say D1, D2 and D3. In those columns I have values between 1 and 26. How do I count occurrences of those values and sort them by that count? Example:




So the output for 3rd most common value would look like this:

3 -- number 3 appeared only 3 times

Likewise, output for 2nd most common value would be:

2 -- number 2 appeared 4 times

And output for 1st most common value:

1 -- number 1 appeared 7 times

You probably want :

select top (3) d1
from ((select d1 from tablea ta) union all
      (select d2 from tableb tb) union all
      (select d3 from tablec tc)
     ) t
group by d1
order by count(*) desc;

MySQL Select the nth Highest Record in a Database Table, In this tutorial, you will learn how to select the nth highest record in a table using Fortunately, MySQL provides us with the LIMIT clause that constrains the number of rows in the returned result set. Next MySQL Reset Auto Increment Values  Also, we also talked that how to Lookup the Value with Multiple Criteria to find the first occurrence match in excel.. If you want to find the nth occurrence with multiple criteria, you can use a combination with the INDEX function, SMALL function, nested IF function and ROW function to create a complex excel formula like this:

    SELECT DQ2.*, dense_rank() OVER (ORDER BY DQ2.CNT DESC) AS RN
            GROUP BY DS.X
        ) DQ2
) DQ3 WHERE DQ3.RN = 3   --the third in the order of commonness - note that 'ties' can be handled differently

Lookup the Second, the Third, or the Nth Value in Excel, Training Data set to Lookup the second or nth value in Excel However, it will only return the first matching instance. This would add a number to the employee name based on the column number the position of its occurrence in the list (given by ROW($A$2:$A$14)-1) and How to Use VLOOKUP with Multiple Criteria. First select top 100 rows by ordering in ascending and then select last row by ordering in descending and limit to 1. However this is a very expensive statement as it access the data twice.

One of the things about SQL scripts: they get difficult to read very easily. I'm a big fan of making things as readable as absolute possible. So I'd recommend something like:

declare @topThree TABLE(entry int, cnt int)
select TOP 3 entry,count(*) as cnt
        select d1 as entry from tablea UNION ALL
        select d2 as entry from tableb UNION ALL
        select d3 as entry from tablec UNION ALL
    ) as allTablesCombinedSubquery
    order by count(*)
select TOP 1 entry
    from @topThree
    order by cnt desc

... it's extremely readable, and doesn't use any concepts that are tough to grok.

Excel formula: Get nth match with INDEX / MATCH, To retrieve multiple matching values from a set of data with a formula, you can use the IF and SMALL functions to figure out the row number of each match and  Depends on what RDBMS you are using. The following examples selects the 5th row in the table (LIMIT 1, OFFSET 5). MySQL: [code]SELECT * FROM `MyTable` LIMIT 5, 1; [/code]SQL Server: [code]SELECT * FROM MyTable ORDER BY MyId OFFSET 5 ROWS FETCH NEX

Excel formula: Get nth match with VLOOKUP, To get the nth MATCH with VLOOKUP, you'll need to add a helper column to If this isn't practical, you can use an array formula based on INDEX and The counter counts the number of times the unique id has appeared in the data table. is used to fetch values form the table, taking into account the "nth" occurrence. SQL Query to Find Nth Highest Salary Example 2 In this example we are going to use the ROW NUMBER concept to find the fourth highest salary. You can also use any Rank Function such as: Rank , Dense Rank , Ntile to get the same result.

SQL Performance Tuning, The number of occurrences of frequently used column values. Table 17-3 shows the histogram for Tabl el . col umnl. It's possible to get a classic histogram with this type of query: SELECT columnl, COUNT(*) FROM Tablel GROUP BY columnl But the result is Another compression method takes samples of every nth row. The SQL SELECT TOP statement is used to retrieve records from one or more tables in a database and limit the number of records returned based on a fixed value or percentage. TIP: SELECT TOP is Microsoft's proprietary version to limit your results and can be used in databases such as SQL Server and MSAccess.

Combinatorics, k 1 2 3 No.12 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 is N. The entry in the Nth position in the third row of our table tells us how many also tells us in how many ways we can choose the digits in either the even or on two natural numbers n and k, then its values can be arranged in a table by  In this case, 3 is the divisor and function will return the value zero for every number that is completely divisible with 3. Now filter the zeros in this column to select every 3rd row of the data set.