React Native - Native Base Footer not change color

React Native - Native Base Footer not change color

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Here is the code:

 // Bottom.js
<StyleProvider style={getTheme(commonColor)}>
            <Button active>
                <Icon active name="food" size={24}  />
                <Text active>Lunch Box</Text>
                <Icon name="coins" size={24} />
                <Icon name="face" size={24} />


// commonColor.js

// Footer
footerHeight: 55,
footerDefaultBg: '#ffffff',

// FooterTab
tabBarTextColor: '#FFF',
tabBarTextSize: platform === 'ios' ? 14 : 16,
activeTab: platform === 'ios' ? '#007aff' : '#fff',
sTabBarActiveTextColor: '#007aff',
tabBarActiveTextColor: '#fff',
tabActiveBgColor: platform === 'ios' ? '#1569f4' : '#1569f4',

here is the result:

I've tried edit FooterTab.js directly but no changed at all.

The only changes that can happen on render is tabActiveBgColor: platform === 'ios' ? '#1569f4' : '#1569f4'. And I don't even know why only this code is working, I not even set any active on FooterTab.

What I expected is when I set active the button and text become white.

Any Solution?

I have solved this issue for adding style in FooterTab.You do not need to do any styling in native base Footer component.Here is my source code-

          <FooterTab style={{backgroundColor:"#FFF"}}>
              <Button style={{paddingLeft:0, paddingRight:0}}>
              <Button style={{paddingLeft:0, paddingRight:0}}>

The missing piece of React Native, Having different font types in your React Native apps is not tough any more. btnDisabledBg, Background color of disabled button Customize Footer Tabs. Tried clearing the cache did everything that is stated in the docs but nothing worked. Currently I am setting colors for Header.js file hard coded, due to the hard code the status bar color does not change as per the header color.

You need to change value of tabActiveBgColor in platform.js not commonColor.js

Footer Tab Active Color · Issue #632 · GeekyAnts/NativeBase · GitHub, How can I change the selected tab background color in footer tab on select This is my code: ` 'use strict'; import React,{Component} from 'react'; import {​StyleProvider,Footer,Header,Container,Icon /GeekyAnts/NativeBase/blob/​master/src/theme/components/FooterTab.js#L24) and/or No one assigned. React Native Footer Navigation Bar Color and Status Bar. react-native-navbar-color. Simple package that will set footer navigation bar color. Do you need this? if yes you are at right place!!! Installation. Install the dependencies and then after start the packager.

If you have to change the color of the footer background then change the value of

footerDefaultBg in platform.js

To change the color of the selected button in footer or any other place as well, change the value of

"tabActiveBgColor" in the same platform.js .

GeekyAnts/NativeBase, Fixed : Footer active button not getting affected by color change in … … native-​base-theme/variables/platform'; class Lucy extends React. Having different font types in your React Native apps is not tough any more. NativeBase provides you with a set of nine font families. To include these fonts into your app, go to Themes/myTheme.js. Replace value for fontFamily with your choice of font name. Font families included with NativeBase: Andale Mono. Arial.

Implementing Footer Tabs in Native React using Native Base, Implementing Footer Tabs in Native React using Native Base - react-native. onPress functionality on the buttons of the footer to change the component in the content Here FooterTab from native base is not persist actual tab functionality like navToProfilePage()}> Profile <Icon name='ios-person' size={30} color='#​900'  Syntax import React, { Component } from 'react-native'; import { Container, Content, Card, CardItem, Text } from 'native-base'; import myTheme from './Themes/myTheme'; export default class ThemeCardExample extends Component { render() { return ( <Container> <Content theme={myTheme}> <Card> <CardItem> <Text> NativeBase is a free and open source framework that enables developers to build high

Components · Native Base Docs, NativeBase component that renders as footer, include your favourite apps for your screen. There can NativeBase ActionSheet is a wrapper around the React Native ActionSheetIOS component. success, -, boolean, Add a green background color to your component When the user enters text, the label does not hide. Customize. Customizing NativeBase will be a cakewalk for you. That is due to the fact, NativeBase has organized its code in modular pattern. It provides separate set of files for customizing each component.

React Native: Set different colors on Top and Bottom in , Before starting… To set different colors on top and bottom on SafeAreaView component, your project needs a React version (not the React Native  Content takes in the whole collection of React Native and NativeBase components. Content provides you with stylesheet. User can add custom styles while defining Content within their app. Replacing Component: React Native Keyboard Aware Scroll View's KeyboardAwareScrollView