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I have setup firebase in both the console and in the app. Everything configures correctly, and events appear to be logging in the app.

Output to console:

<FIRAnalytics/DEBUG> Logging event: origin, name, params: app, 
log_something, {
        "_o" = app;
        "full_text" = khbsdpibdsjl;
        name = lwkjbgskljsavdkjl;

I have the debug flag enabled: -FIRDebugEnabled.

Yet in the debugging events console there is NOTHING. I see no devices available, no events being logged, absolutely 0 indication of anything connected. I must be missing something?

edit: I have been following this for setting up Debugging Events.

I am seeing events in the StreamView, but nothing in the debug view even though I have debug mode enabled.

Make sure to remove the OS_ACTIVITY_MODE:disable from the Environment Variables in your project scheme if you added it at some point.

Debugging Events, Xcode version: 10.2.1 Firebase SDK version: 6.5.0 Firebase to the issue [https:/​/] Problem: I have added firebase Unable to see debugview logs in Analytics [Firebase console] #3413 Assuming you followed everything in this document, your app should be set up correctly. If the SDK is logging events and everything seems to be set up correctly, but you're still not seeing the SDK detection message (after 2 hours), contact Firebase Support. App is not logging events: troubleshooting steps. Make sure that the Performance Monitoring SDK is not disabled through either of the following flags in your Info.plist file: firebase_performance_collection_enabled; firebase_performance_collection_deactivated; Make sure that Performance Monitoring is not disabled at runtime

Try this , This is work for me ,

Follow below steps ,

1.In Xcode, select Product → Scheme → EditScheme.

2.Select Run from left Menu and Select Arguments tab In the Arguments Passed on + option

add -FIRDebugEnabled

For detail debug view follow steps DebugView track Firebase doc

To send an event in XCode project follow code below,

Objective C

[FIRAnalytics logEventWithName:@"share_image"
                    parameters:@{@"name": name, @"full_text": text}];


Analytics.logEvent("share_image", parameters: ["name": name, "full_text": text])

For events log follow detail steps Log events in Application Firebase doc

Hope this will help someone.

Unable to see debugview logs in Analytics [Firebase console] · Issue , I can see logs in my xcode console as: [Firebase/Analytics][I-XXXxxxxxx] Debug mode is enabled. etc and [Firebase/Analytics][I-XXXxxxxxx]  From that point on, the extension will log events in your app in debug mode. You can view events logged in the DebugView in the Firebase console. Note: To prevent your testing and development from affecting your measurements, events logged while in debug mode will be excluded from your overall Analytics data, and will not be included in your daily BigQuery export.

Unable to log in Debug View in Development enviroment · Issue , adb shell setprop <package_name> on your development device, specify the following command line argument in Xcode : Each event displays a timestamp that corresponds to the time of its logging on the​  <Notice> [Firebase/Analytics][I-ACS023008] To enable debug logging set the following application argument: -FIRAnalyticsDebugEnabled Disabling is the opposite - set the argument: -noFIRAnalyticsDebugEnabled: Additionally, you can control the default Firebase logging level with the setLoggerLevel method in FIRConfiguration.

Now it doesn't matter much but still for the people who are getting errors on this issue. Debug mode of firebase analytics does not work sometimes due to issue in GoogleServices-Info.plist file Simply makes these 2 changes.


Validate your Analytics configuration with DebugView, Everything configures correctly, and events appear to be logging in the app. Output to console: <FIRAnalytics/DEBUG> Logging event: origin, name, params: app,  Also, be aware that Firebase Console won't show events in real-time : You can view aggregrated statistics about your events in the Firebase console dashboards. These dashboards update periodically throughout the day. For immediate testing, use the logcat output as described in the previous section.

Make sure to add ONE DASH before -FIRDebugEnabled

I wasted a whole day making silly mistake having missed that DASH

Hope that doesn't happen to others!

iOS Swift - Firebase custom event logging not working, One of the key challenges for mobile app tracking is debugging the output of the tracking tool. Firebase has recently presented a DebugView feature in their topic) there is one thing you learn fast: testing and debugging the tracking output iOS test device setup is as easy as Android, just use there Xcode  When using Firebase's DebugView with an iOS simualtor, the name of the device is just "ios 12.0". How can we set the name of the device so that other team members' device names don't clash?

Debugging Events in Firebase Analytics, Developer Advocate Debugging Firebase Cloud Messaging is one of the most in the above example) among all the Xcode output. You don't need to disable method swizzling or anything to add these debug methods. Log events. After you have configured the instance, you can begin to log events with the logEvent() method. If you're already familiar with Google Analytics, this method is equivalent to using the event command in gtag.js.

Debugging Firebase Cloud Messaging on iOS, As someone who only logs out things when I absolutely need them it's annoying I tried search Stack Overflow (where it seems people want the same thing /​how-to-stop-firebase-from-logging-status-updates-when-app-is-launched) podcasts[629:] <FIRAnalytics/INFO> To enable debug logging set the  Logs for Cloud Functions are viewable either in the Firebase console, Stackdriver Logging UI, or via the firebase command-line tool. Using the Firebase CLI. To view logs with the firebase tool, use the functions:log command: firebase functions:log To view logs for a specific function, provide the function name as an argument:

Is there a way to turn of logging for the iOS SDK?, You set logging up programmatically then view the output in the DevTools logging view, or in the console. Debugging application layers. Flutter was designed with  Log events. After you have initialized the firebase::analytics module, you can use it to log events with the LogEvent() method. To help you get started, the Analytics SDK defines a number of suggested events that are common among different types of apps, including retail and ecommerce, travel, and gaming apps.

  • Exactly the same problem - very annoying
  • someone had put OS_ACTIVITY_MODE=${DEBUG_ACTIVITY_MODE} in our debug build, which was sometimes enabled and sometimes disabled, depending on what version of XCode you were running
  • You can understand the effect of the visuals from this answer.
  • I getting some very quirky and unstable results. The debug stream works, and suddenly it stops showing events,
  • The events were recorded once I updated Firebase by updating pods. So it worked for me.