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I am using neo4j for my social projects where User can create a post, and can follow each other. I have to fetch my follower' post along with my own post. To fetch my followers' post I am using the following query:

MATCH (me:User {UserId: '39434e4d-d501-4fba-8aae-16cf652deb3e'})-[:FOLLOWSS|CREATED]->(f:User)-(p:Posts) RETURN p LIMIT 25 

above query returns my followers' post but I am unable to get my own post. Can someone tell me what I am missing to get my own posts along with my followers' post

MATCH (me:User {UserId: '39434e4d-d501-4fba-8aae-16cf652deb3e'})-[:FOLLOWSS]->(f:User)-[fc:CREATED|LIKED]-(p:Posts)<-[:CREATED]-(n) RETURN p LIMIT 25

I tried above query but it doesn't return any records.

Any help would be highly appreciated.


MATCH (me:User {UserId: '39434e4d-d501-4fba-8aae-16cf652deb3e'})-[:FOLLOWSS]->(f:User)-[fc:CREATED]-(p:Posts)<-[:CREATED]-(n) RETURN p LIMIT 25

is returning every post created by you AND someone else. You need to separate variables that are different items

MATCH (mine:Posts)<-[:CREATED]-(me:User {UserId: '39434e4d-d501-4fba-8aae-16cf652deb3e'})-[:FOLLOWSS]->(f:User)-[fc:CREATED]-(p:Posts) RETURN mine, p LIMIT 25

But, this returns info in a vary redundant way (Every your post against every their post), so I would recommend compressing it with COLLECT like this.

MATCH (mine:Posts)<-[:CREATED]-(me:User {UserId: '39434e4d-d501-4fba-8aae-16cf652deb3e'})-[:FOLLOWSS]->(f:User)-[fc:CREATED]-(p:Posts)
WITH mine, p LIMIT 25
WITH COLLECT(mine)+COLLECT(p) as posts
UNWIND posts as p

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The easiest way to do this is with an optional variable-length relationship, which can be achieved by using a lower bound of 0:

MATCH (me:User {UserId: '39434e4d-d501-4fba-8aae-16cf652deb3e'})-[:FOLLOWSS*0..1]->(f:User)-[:CREATED]-(p:Posts) 

The [:FOLLOWSS*0..1] is the key, as this means that it will include patterns that have the :FOLLOWSS relationship to another :User node, as well as patterns where no relationship is traversed (meaning your me user is the same node as the f :User node).

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Building up on @InverseFalcon's answer, here is a query that returns data in embedded collections :

MATCH (n:User {name:"ikwattro"})<-[:FOLLOWS*0..1]-(x)-[:CREATED]->(p:Post)
[x IN collect(p) WHERE (n)-[:CREATED]->(x) | x.title] AS userPosts, 
[x IN collect(p) WHERE NOT (n)-[:CREATED]->(x) | x.title] AS followersPosts

│"n"                │"userPosts"│"followersPosts"         │
│{"name":"ikwattro"}│["Post1"]  │["Post4","Post3","Post2"]│

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  • small correction with existing query added created with follow
  • That won't work, unless it's possible for a user to create another user. You also don't have a relationship between f and p (you can use -- between them for the presence of a relationship without a restriction on the type, though). It's better to use the optional relationship approach.
  • I made a small correction with the existing query, sorry for inconvenience. I removed -[fc:CREATED]
  • @AmitSharma The change you made is minor and insignificant. This answer is meant to explain why your cypher logic is wrong, and how to fix that. InverseFalcon's answer is the most correct way to fix it. If between these two answers you can't solve your problem, we need more info on what is not working.
  • but it returns the duplicate of "mine", I want unique posts.
  • @AmitSharma "mine" is posts the user created, and "p" is posts followers created. Unless a post can be created by users and followers, there will be no duplicates between the two sets.
  • How can we apply the limit on the query as we are using an alias?
  • I made a small correction with the existing query, sorry for the inconvenience.I removed -[fc:CREATED]-