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I tried to use 2 partial views under 1 view/page - first half page for search filters & 2nd half page for table display. Its working also,but the issue is the white color content panel is in fixed size. i.e., if my table got data it comes out of the white color panel.

<section class="content admin_table">

I use above class in Layout. In Index View, I render both Partial views. My code part is below

 @Html.Partial("_view1", Model.Filter)
 @Html.Partial("_view2", Model.Result)

My IndexPage

@model SW.Web.ViewModels.CommonVM
    Layout = "~/Views/Shared/_Layout1.cshtml";
    ViewBag.Title = "Title";
    ViewBag.Header = "Details";
<link href="~/Content2/plugins/datatables/dataTables.bootstrap.css" rel="stylesheet" />

  <!DOCTYPE html>

@section JavaScript{

<Script> .....</script>
<Script> .....</script>
@Html.Partial("_view1", Model.Filter)
 @Html.Partial("_view2", Model.Result)

and My Partial view 1

 @model SW.Web.ViewModels.viewmodel1 
    using (Html.BeginForm("Index", "Details", FormMethod.Post, new { d= Model }))

and my partial view 2

 @model IEnumerable<SW.Web.ViewModels.Viewmodel2>
     <div> Designs for partial view 2</div>


So create One view with Search partial view like

//Serach view
<div class="white">
<h2>Search view</h2>
<--! search coading-->
   @Html.RenderPartial("Table_View", objectvalue2);

Use below line

 @Html.RenderPartial("_SearchView", objectvalue1);

in another page

Returning Multiple partial views from single Controller action , I have a page with two partial views one which show a chart and the other a list of item which is represented in a chart they are made in two  Partial views are extremely useful in two scenarios. The first scenario is when we want to break up large markup files into smaller components. If our markup file is large, complex, and composed of several logical pieces, we should split each piece into a partial view. Then the code in the markup file will be manageable because the markup will only contain the overall page structure and references to the partial views.

  1. by controller action

@Html.Action("action1", "Controller", new { id = Model.idOfPart1 })

@Html.Action("action2", "Controller", new { id = Model.idOfPart2 })

  1. by rendering view

@ Html.Render ("ParialView1", Model.model1)

@ Html.Render ("PartialView2", Model.model2)

Putting multiple partial views in a single view page, Hi MVC Experts, I am struggling on how to create multiple partial views in a single view page. For instance, in a newspaper website, you have  The following markup in the sample app is from the Pages/ArticlesRP/ReadRP.cshtml page. The page contains two partial views. The second partial view passes in a model and ViewData to the partial view. The ViewDataDictionary constructor overload is used to pass a new ViewData dictionary while retaining the existing ViewData dictionary.

I understand this is over a year old but just in case someone stumbles across this post. RenderPartialView is written like the following:

@{@Html.RenderPartial("_yourPartial", yourModel)}

Render two Partial View in to 1 View, Hi, What is the best approach to Render two partial views into Single view and submit to their own Action(on submit).as an example Login and  What are Partial Views in ASP.NET MVC 5? Partial View is a subpage of Main View page that keeps reusable parts of web pages. If your Main Page is too large then you can divide it into several pieces and store content into a partial page with a logical name. After that, you can call this partial page inside your main view page. Let's take an example

Dealing with Multiple Instances of Partial Views and Model Binding , situation is when you use multiple instance of a partial page on a view. Now let's assume that the whole page is rendered using two ASP. Partial Pages or Views are Razor files containing snippets of HTML and server-side code to be included in any number of pages or layouts. Partial pages can be used to break up complex pages into smaller units, thereby reducing the complexity and allowing teams to work on different units concurrently.

Using Ajax helpers with Razor partial views | Pluralsight, The case study presented in this guide uses one AjaxHelper class method to The AjaxHelper class supports asynchronous partial-page updates. The @​Html.Action HtmlHelper is used to render two partial views when the  2 a. Then on the view header or footer (depending if you want the View B before or after View A) add a global view area that will show the View B when viewing View A page. 2 b. Select from your existing views the View B. 2 c. Apply the change to the current display and you are done.

Partial views in ASP.NET Core, The term partial view is used when developing either an MVC app, where markup files are called Unlike MVC view or page rendering, a partial view doesn't run _ViewStart.cshtml. The page contains two partial views. The Index view renders the _BasicDetails partial page using Partial() helper. Since the model for Index view is Order class, the same is available to the _BasicDetails partial page. Then two instances of _Address partial page are rendered on the page to capture ShippingAddress and BillingAddress respectively.

  • Change '@Html.Partial' to '@Html.RenderPartial'
  • So what do you want to achieve?
  • @Ephraim I use these Partial views in single page along with layout. Its working, but my design got white color panel.the panel in fixed length,actually I want the panel to be expand according to the two views. Check the image I upload
  • You need to show your HTML code rather than just Partial View Code. You code doesn't make any sense
  • This is either an html or css issue. You need to show us what's inside your page.
  • U means Just add semicolon at the end? I tried this one already. Its not working,My panel doesn't extend and also the semicolon displays on my web page while running
  • what you exactly want to do ?
  • Hi @Suraj Khanra , thank you, but I dont want to do like this , currently my one is working , if I add curly braces before and after render partial view also fix my issue, but that braces also displays on the designed web page. I wanna fix that only ..