Force manual click on Youtube iframe using Jquery

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I need to play the video on "Play" button click on a site

I tried using this code but it doesn't trigger the play on the Youtube Video.

jQuery(document).on('click', '.eg-henryharrison-element-2', function(event) { 

You should try adding autoplay=1 option to your iframe src like this

<iframe width="420" height="345" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Here is a related question already been asked at stack overflow: YouTube Iframe embed auto play

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Maybe I don't understand what you actually want to achieve, but:

For me the following works:


See here:



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This should work

    var src = $(this).data('src'); 
    src += "&autoplay=1"; 

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Hi everyone, I'm very new to jQuery and quite rusty with my web design in general. I have a page on my site with 5 buttons alongside an iframe which is embedded from Youtube showing a video.

  • Hi Goldy, Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, I'm not asking about autoplaying the video.
  • You can do it this way $('.esg-youtube-frame').each(function(){ var src = $(this).data('src'); src += "&autoplay=1"; console.log(src); $(this).data('src',src); });
  • @Goldy please edit your answer and add your comment in the answer.