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I want every message in my program to be printed with a small delay between each character.

I can use

import time

string = "hello world"
for char in string:
   print(char, end='')

to do that for a single string. I can extrapolate that to a class using a __print__ method, but that still requires me to use a class each time I want to use my edited print method. How can I add delay to every character printed for the entire program so that I can use print("foo") anywhere and expect it to work as intended?

Well what you can do is create a function for this, i.e:

def print_delayed(string):
    for char in string:
       builtins.print(char, end='', flush=True) # flush gets the actual delay, otherwise
                                                # the text is printed after all the sleeps

Then, you can set print equal to this function, i.e:

print = print_delayed

However, I wouldn't recommend doing this; just call the new function you have made, instead of overriding built-in ones.

Here is a working example.

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as Albin said in comments it is better to create a function and call it instead of print like this:

def delayed_print(v, *args, **kwargs):
    print(v,*args, **kwargs)

string = "hello world"
for char in string:
    delayed_print(char, end='')

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You can overload the print function like this:

import builtins
import time

def print(*args, **kwargs):
    for char in args[0]:
        builtins.print(char, end='')

This will overload the function at the module level.

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You can override print:

import time
import sys

string = "hello world"

def print(x):
    for char in x:


Will get you what you want.

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