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I have 3 tables - Users, Images and Users_Images. Each user can buy many images and each image can be bought by multiple users. The fields of the tables are as below:

Users - Id, UserName, Password

Images - Id, Name, Description, Path

Users_Images - UserId, ImageId, PurchaseDate. (All the relationships between the tables are set) I'm trying to build a query that will select a table with all images that has not been bought by a specific user my algorithm was to select a table with all image that a specific user has been bought and subtract it from the full table of image. But no matter how I tried to write it as a query it always gave me wrong or not complete results. Some of queries I tried:

SELECT Id, [Name], Description, Path 
FROM Images
SELECT Id, [Name], Description, Path 
FROM Images AS I INNER JOIN Users_Images AS UI
ON I.Id = UI.ImageId
WHERE UserId = 1


SELECT Id, [Name], Description, Path 
FROM Images
SELECT Id, [Name], Description, Path 
FROM Images AS I INNER JOIN Users_Images AS UI
ON I.Id = UI.ImageId
WHERE UserId = 1)

I also searched for solution here and other websites but none of them worked.

Does this work for you?

SELECT Id, [Name], Description, Path 
FROM Images as I
                  FROM Users_Images AS UI
                  WHERE UI.ImageId = I.Id AND
                        UI.UserId = 1

This simply returns all images that have no rows in user_images where the user id is 1.

SQL subtracting values from two different tables in Access, I think it would just be: select Hours_worked - Work_Completed as diff from table1, table2. Queries :: Subtract Value From One Table From Each Item In A Group In Another Table Apr 23, 2015. I have a database to keep track of time spent on development work. The database uses mainly two tables: Estimates and Status. The Estimates table holds a static number for each item to be worked on.

Your second version needs to be correlated :

FROM Images im
                  FROM Images AS I INNER JOIN 
                       Users_Images AS UI
                       ON I.Id = UI.ImageId
                  WHERE UI.UserId = 1 AND I.Id = im.Id

Subtracting Access tables, I want to subtract table 2 from table 1 to end up with a third table which will have one How do I construct a query to do this on the access design grid or using Access SQL? -Write another query and base it off of this query. i want to subtract value from two different tables one is the inventory table and the second is the sales table. i want the quantity sold from the sale table to be subtracted from the quantity in the inventory table base on the name of the product. which is in both tables

use not in

select im.Name,im.Description,im.Path from Images im where not in (

select Users_Images ui join Images i on
join Users u on ui.UserId=u.Id
where u.UserId=1

How do I subtract records in one table from another table, Until I changed to Access, I had been using Paradox to maintain a mailing list of about 17000 names that in generated about 3 times a year. Use - to subtract one field from other, or to subtract a constant value from a field In our example, we'll use a table containing a month's worth of orders. The table contains items listed by sales unit : single, half-dozen, and dozen.

Access 2010: Tables: How to Create Calculated Fields and Totals , An Access totals row adds up an entire column of data. Calculated fields and totals rows let you perform calculations with the data in your tables. or to multiply fields by a constant value; Use - to subtract one field from other, or to subtract a constant Another lets us know the actual numerical value of each of these units. The following table lists examples of expressions that use the DateAdd function to add date and time values. You can use these expressions in calculated controls on forms reports, or in query criteria rows.

How to subtract records from a table based on their existence in , I have an Access 2010 table Assignment I have another table, Import , having identical structure, containing Assignment MINUS Existing. Consequently, when subtracting one date from another, you are returned the number of intervals elapsed between the two dates as apposed to the number of days, hours or minutes. You can use the CVDate function to change the result into a date format and can then further use the minute,hours or days functions to narrow this down further (this

2007 Access-Table add subtract fields, I understand its not excel. its completely different. I need a formula or code or expression or something that I can't figure out how to write, theĀ  Subtracting Info Using Data From Another Table Nov 18, 2007. hi, i've been trying to find a solution to this problem but i can't seem to get my head around it. i have searched through the forums but found all the threads to be confusing although it probably is simple.

  • your first query gives me a syntax error and the second gives invalid error

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