Windows 10, mamp, composer not installing, but openssl & extension_dir enabled

openssl php extension
sha384 is not supported by your openssl extension

I have mamp installed and am using windows 10. I have attached an image of the configurations, the error, and some of the things I've done to diagnose why. I don't know why I am continuously getting this composer error. I am updating my php.ini file, which had openssl commented out. I removed the semicolon on extension_dir (was already removed), and on extension=php_openssl.dll. I have noticed that when I type in php -m in my command prompt, I am not seeing open ssl, and I'm not sure how to enable that, if that is the possible issue.

If there can be any light shed on this, let me know, I understand this issue is answered hundreds of times over, but I have done what was required from those answers, and got no where.

Image clarifications: The error

Here is where I am checking the configurations with php -m and it's not showing openssl, correct me if I'm mistaken.

My phpinfo(); with also me doing php -ini, it's showing php isn't set, but it is when I run the phpinfo method, i'm assuming because this method is being run through mamp allowing it to set the correct parameters.

You have to make sure that the command-line PHP loads an ini file somehow. The easiest is probably to copy c:\MAMP\conf\php7.0.0\php.ini to wherever your php.exe is located. To find that out you can use where php which should return you the full path to it. Copy the ini file in that directory and it should find it and load the module (although you might have to adjust the extension_dir depending on how it is set).

See if you want more details on how the ini file is located.

install composer fails in windows 10 The openssl extension is , Confirm that extension=php_openssl.dll is not commented out with a ;. Windows 10, mamp, composer not installing, but openssl & extension_dir enabled. Ensure that extension=php_openssl.dll is uncommented (Remove ;) and copy the php.ini file at the same directory where the php.exe is located, because Composer searches there for an php.ini File and not in the MAMP conf folder.

for install composer and enable openssl extension, copy your php.conf in MAMP\conf\php{php-version} for MAMP\bin\php\php{php-version} and edit php.conf changing ;extension=php_openssl.dll for extension=php_openssl.dll. Then try installing normally.

Composer Warning: openssl extension is missing. How to enable in , I try install Composer and it returns error: The openssl extension is missing. In php.ini string "extension=php_openssl.dll" is not commented out. file inside this folder, but I don't see the extension enabled in phpinfo() or get_loaded_extensions(). I ran into the same issue installing Composer with MAMP for Windows 10. Trying to install Composer dependency management tool on Win7/64 + WampServer 2.2 via the Setup Installer and I am getting the following message:. The openssl extension is missing, which will reduce the security and stability of Composer.

Running Windows 10 with MAMP PRO. Copy the version php.ini file to the folder that has the php.exe. In my case, I copied MAMP/conf/php7.2.1/php.ini file to MAMP/bin/php7.2.1/ folder.

Restarted MAMP PRO 4.

Ran the command line, replacing some-dir with my new Drupal 8 project.

composer create-project drupal-composer/drupal-project:8.x-dev some-dir --stability dev --no-interaction

Worked beautifully!

The OpenSSL extension is missing on Windows while installing , @RiggsFolly has the right idea. Additionally I had to: Copy php.ini-development to php.ini; Uncomment the extension=php_openssl.dll line as described  I nearly wrapped my head off trying to install composer on my windows 7 machine. I was trying to install composer through the composer installer from After the common openssl extension enabling (As above answers describing). The installer has finished the installation successfully. But calling composer on the command line

you only need to copy php.ini from the conf directory to your php directory and it will work fine.

just copy php.ini from

MAMP/conf/php(version of your php)/php.ini


MAMP/bin/php/php(version of your php)

then try in command line `php composer.phar install'

PHP/Composer issue (missing OpenSSL extension) · Issue #1609 , I have php-nts and composer installed (both via scoop). The openssl extension is required for SSL/TLS protection but is not available. Just started with scoop on win10 and composer immediately complained about 'tls'. If you have xampp installed on your windows machine composer copies your  The rest of this article is going to assume you’re on OS X with MAMP installed and is going to guide you through the process of actually setting up Composer within the MAMP installation directory to give you access to it for your projects without interfering with the rest of the software pre-installed on your system.

Craft 3 install problem on windows 10, I can go through the install process but after clicking finish setup it out to be a max_execution setting in the php.ini MAMP was using after  Never mind.) If you want to run it, you need a Windows binary, and unless you are willing to compile it yourself, you have to to rely on someone else. Here is how you can set up OpenSSL on Windows without having to deal with the code. Step 1. Get hold of the binaries. Finding Windows binaries of OpenSSL is not an easy task, but don’t get discouraged.

Install Drush on a Mac, Drush can be installed on a Mac using the Homebrew package manager, or manually You can update your PATH by editing the file .bash_profile (if you are using the Bash But (after composer installation) I get always the same error. The OpenSSL library (0.9.8zc) used by PHP does not support TLSv1.2 or TLSv1.​1. Also uncomment php_openssl.dll from the php.ini file accessible via the WAMP icon located in C:\wamp\bin\apache\Apache2.4.4\bin. Still the issue persists when i run composer install from command line that openssl must be enabled. Please help.

Installing a PHP extension on Windows - Manual, They are called "core" extensions. However, if you need functionality not provided by any core extension, you may still be able to find one in PECL. The PHP  The is a short guide showing how you can install OpenSSL on a Windows machine. The machine used in the tutorial in Windows 10, however the same steps can be use to install OpennSSL in older

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