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I'm working on file upload via a webpage with a progress bar using Valums file uploader. Almost everything works fine, but I'm not able to change the default tmp directory, where the file is stored during the upload.

Files should be stored in /upload directory and not in default system /tmp directory, because /tmp is mounted in a RAM disk which has its size limited to 4 MB and user will be uploading files around 10 MB.

I've searched lots of webpages, but none of solutions worked. I've set temp directory in php.ini:

upload_tmp_dir =/upload

I've set permissions to the /upload dir, and apache is owner of the file, so the directory is definitely writable by PHP.

I've set the target path in file uploader to /upload, because I want the files to be stored after the upload also in this directory. The final result is small files are being uploaded successfuly, but files larger than 4 MB fail to upload-the only reason of this behaviour that comes to my mind is that files are stored in /tmp during upload. To be sure, I've checked it with sys_get_temp_dir() and the result was /tmp-so PHP ignores my php.ini directive or there is some other way to set where files are stored during upload.

Oh, and the last information: open_basedir isn't set, so the PHP access to disk is only limited by file permissions.

How do I set the upload_tmp_dir?, The temporary directory is used for storing files when a file is uploaded. This directory must be writable by whichever user PHP is running as. If not specified  I have a page which allows users to upload photos - fairly standard php I think. This works on the live server I've been using to date but I've recently set up php on my Mac and now the uploads have stopped working. I'm guessing this is because the the upload_tmp_dir is not set properly in the php.ini file. Does anyone know what I need to do? EDIT:

I struggled with this issue for a long time... My solution was to modify the php.ini file, in the folder that contained the php script. This was important, as modifying the php.ini at the root did not resolve the problem (I have a php.ini in each folder for granular control). The relevant entries in my php.ini looked like this.... (the output_buffering is not likely needed for this issue)

output_buffering = On 
upload_max_filesize = 20M 
post_max_size = 21M

sys_get_temp_dir - Manual, Dealing with XForms · Handling file uploads · Using remote files · Connection handling sys_get_temp_dir — Returns directory path used for temporary files. Description ¶. sys_get_temp_dir ( void ) : string. Returns the path of the directory PHP stores temporary files in by default. C:\Windows\Temp\TuxA318.tmp  Hi Pierre Joye, I have the same problem with an IIS 6 server with PHP 5.3.10 and FastCGI 1.5. I want to use a custom temp directory for php file uploads. If I set upload_tmp_dir=D:\Temp\ and set read and write acls for the user IUSR on the Temp directory, upload fails.

create php-file with:

    print shell_exec( 'whoami' );


<?php echo exec('whoami'); ?>

try the output in your web-browser. if the output is not your user example: www-data then proceed to next step

open as root:


look for these lines:

export APACHE_RUN_USER=user-name

export APACHE_RUN_GROUP=group-name


export APACHE_RUN_USER=www-data

export APACHE_RUN_GROUP=www-data


username = your username that has access to the folder you are using group = group you've given read+write+execute access

change it to:

export APACHE_RUN_USER="username"

export APACHE_RUN_GROUP="group"

if your user have no access yet:

sudo chmod 775 -R "directory of folder you want to give r/w/x access"

How to change the directory for storing temporary PHP files of a , Temporary directory for HTTP uploaded files (will use system default if not ; specified). ; upload_tmp_dir = /var/tmp. PHP is ignoring the upload_tmp_dir because of one setting on APPLICATION POOLS. It's not php-cgi.exe, php.ini, or a permissions issue. Go to the application pool of the website experiencing the issue: Right click; Select Advanced settings; Scroll to LOAD USER PROFILE and set it to FALSE.

My problem was selinux...

Go sestatus

If Current mode: enforcing

Then chcon -R -t httpd_sys_rw_content_t /var/www/html

PHP Temporary Directory is not set., Whilst the directory not being set isn't always a problem, if you are having issues with manifest files not being detected or uploaded files not being  The PHP temporary directory is the directory that PHP uses to store an uploaded file before Joomla! can access this file. Whilst the directory not being set isn't always a problem, if you are having issues with manifest files not being detected or uploaded files not being detected, setting this in your php.ini file might fix the issue.

In my case, it was the open_basedir which was defined. I commented it out (default) and my issue was resolved. I can now set the upload directory anywhere.

FCGI and upload_tmp_dir PHP directive are not working correctly , Nevertheless, when actual upload in happening, the uploading file is temporarily going to /tmp directory with permissions apache:apache and when the upload is​  I have OwnCloud 8.2.2 deployed on a Fedora 23 machine. By default, its /tmp is a tmpfs mount, which means that any OwnCloud file uploads larger than available system RAM will fail since it uses /tmp as a temporary upload directory.

tempdirectory option in config.php does not work · Issue #22011 , php, but it doesn't seem to have an effect. All uploads still go to /tmp. Steps to reproduce. Create tmp directory in owncloud folder. Set rw  I'm making a website locally that allows the upload of .pdf files, when these are uploaded locally they go to C:\\xampp\\tmp but when I host the site on my University server I don't have access to the

PHP is missing a temporary folder. · Issue #9 · moodlehq/moodle , When testing file upload manually we get the error "PHP is missing a Looks like we are just missing some configuration perhaps upload_tmp_dir = "/tmp/​moodle" Still GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to I'm not familiar enough with docker to quickly patch this with a nice  sys_get_temp_dir (PHP 5 >= 5.2.1, PHP 7) sys_get_temp_dir — Returns directory path used for temporary files

can't upload image/files problem - General Support, Once again, I got a problem with a hosting where I cant upload images/files. Soma, try setting PHP to use a different upload tmp dir, from your  The output of uploader.php displays. tmp name is name is DSC00678.JPG size is 0 type is. if I tried to upload a jpg file, and sometime displays correct info for pdf and doc file, but some time does not. tmp_name, size and type used to work for me all the time, suddenly it's not working. I only have one linux machine which runs PHP.

  • Did you restart your server (sorry for this silly question) ?
  • There are no silly questions, just silly answers :). Yes, I've done it many times while trying to solve the problem and trying different solutions.
  • Did you check that php is not installed as cgi mod ? (From doc : If the directory specified here is not writable, PHP falls back to the system default temporary directory)
  • Can you check also upload_tmp_dir in phpinfo() ?
  • Okay, now my turn for stupid question: how am I supposed to check if php is installed as cgi mod?
  • memory_limit is not a problem for uploads. See
  • If you do not plan to read the whole file in PHP, you're right. However, it's good to keep this point in checklist to keep it more universal.
  • nice list :D, but any specific reason for the php-ini-loaded-file link to point to the polish ;)
  • Lol, polish version was not translated, so it was identical to English version at the time of writing this post. Fixed now.
  • Note: open_basedir can be set using ini_set.
  • @Wookie88 actually gave almost all the solutions to the problem.
  • Please give us some explanation