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I have created a matrix called rix.

rix = [[1,2,3],[4,5,6][7,8,9]]

And as an input I have variable put which is a single list of length 2 which represents the position of the matrix. The part that I'm struggling in, is how do I check that the variable put represents one of the positions in the first column?

Design your function to be generic; it should take the argument row_n (row number) that represents which row you want to check its bounds. Check if the row_n exists in your rix's list. Then, do a comparison between your put's second element (that represents the expected row length) with the original row_n length in the rix list.

According to your case, you should compare if the put's second element is less than or equal to the rix's row_n length and then return your booleans.

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You use len(rix) to evaluate the number of rows and len(rix[0]) to evaluate the number of columns your matrix has


if len(rix) <= put[0]:
    return false
elif len(rix[0]) <= put[1]:
    return false
    return true

Check if the Matrix satisfies the given conditions, For every row, it must contain a single distinct character. No two consecutive rows have a character in common. Examples: Input: mat[][] = { {0,  Check if one column value exists in another column using MATCH. You can use the MATCH() function to check if the values in column A also exist in column B. MATCH() returns the position of a cell in a row or column.

You also have to consider negative indices.

def in_first_col(put, list2D):
    row_idx, col_idx = put

    # return False if we can't get the row
       row = list2D[row_idx]
    except IndexError:
       return False

    # return False if row is empty
    # return False if col_idx does not refer to first element of row
    return row and (col_idx == 0 or col_idx == -len(row))


>>> rix = [[1,2,3],[4,5,6],[7,8,9]]
>>> in_first_col([1,1], rix)
>>> False
>>> in_first_col([2,0], rix)
>>> True
>>> in_first_col([5,0], rix)
>>> False
>>> in_first_col([-2,-3], rix)
>>> True

Algorithms and Computation: 5th International Symposium, ISAAC , One algorithm which is helpful for solving the problem here as well as some others and if so, transforming the matrix into one with circularly consecutive 1 's in We first check if the matrix contains an all-1 column. If the input matrix does not contain an all-1 column, we simply use Tucker's procedure described above. The matrix transformations mount up to the left in this use of a column vector for input to matrix transformation. Nevertheless, using the transpose operation these differences between inputs of a row or column nature are resolved by an antihomomorphism between the groups arising on the two sides.

Web Services, Service-Oriented Architectures, and Cloud Computing: , The inputs and outputs in Figure 10.1 should be familiar to most people who have taken a only one row and one column at a time when using the decomposition matrix. For example, you could describe the relationship of the first row and first a check mark in the second row, flight availability response, and first column,  Given a square matrix of size N x N, the task is to check if it is Latin square or not.. A square matrix is a Latin Square if each cell of the matrix contains one of N different values (in the range [1, N]), and no value is repeated within a row or a column.

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Functional and Phylogenetic Ecology in R, This function takes a community data matrix as input and can transform the matrix tool for altering the format of your community data matrix in a variety of ways. each community does indeed sum to one we can check the sum of each row. Working with data in a matrix Loading data. Our example data is quality measurements (particle size) on PVC plastic production, using eight different resin batches, and three different machine operators. The data set is stored in comma-separated value (CSV) format. Each row is a resin batch, and each column is an operator.

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