Can't get HTTP PUT-request to work in Asp.Net Core

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I'm trying to update an entry in the "game" table. However, my put-request in never seems to trigger, and I can't figure out why.

This is controller in

public IActionResult updateGame([FromBody]Game update)
    var result = context.Games.SingleOrDefault(g => g.GameID == update.GameID);
    if (result != null)
        result = update;
    return Created("", result);

And this is the code I use in Angular:

constructor(private _http: HttpClient) {
    this.url = "https://localhost:44359/api/v1/"

putGame(id:number, game:Game){
    return this._http.put(this.url + "game/" + id, game);

Edit 1: I do have a list of GET-requests, which all work just fine. It's only the PUT-request that fails.

If you are using PUT request you need to add a resource id either to update or create new - so just don't combine your id with your object

public IActionResult UpdateGame(int id, [FromBody]Game update) {

If you are using Core you can just re-write your URL on your HTTP verbs attribute like the code above - So pass your resource id in the URL and bind your object in the body - Your URL should read as https://localhost:44359/api/v1/game/2

Hope this helps you - Happy coding !!

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The route template parameter {update.GameID} is not standard to what is suggested by documentation

Assuming the game id is an integer review the following

//PUT .../game/5
public IActionResult updateGame(int id, [FromBody]Game update) {

Reference Routing to controller actions in ASP.NET Core

I would also suggest you review the logic of the action as I do not believe it is doing what you think it does with updating the entity returned from the context.

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Can you modify your defining route just like

public IActionResult updateGame([FromBody]Game update)
   //your code

And call from angular like

    return this._http.put(this.url + "game", game);

you can receive gameid from game object so don't need from url

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