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I can see the password of the git(Bitbucket) when I run git log command locally.

commit af45fb439beb489f473b6e935dfc.....
Author: username <Password>
Date:   Sat Jun 10 15:32:30 2017 +0530

How I can remove password from author field from next check in as well as historical check ins ?

You'll have to rewrite the history of the branch setting up the right author.

How to Change Author Name and Email of Commits?, How can i change the author name and email settings globally for future commits​? It looks like all the commit and contribution history is lost. with your GitHub account for password resets, email notifications and the like. When passing in an already encrypted value to a protected field in some back end methods, there was an issue where it would encrypt it again. //bugzilla.redhat

To reset your username in a commit:

git rebase -i <commit-id of the previous commit>

Once the editor opens, change the pick in front of the commit to be edited to edit . Save and exit. Then,

git commit --amend --author="Author name <email>"

git rebase --continue

git-log Documentation, Use mailmap file to map author and committer names and email addresses to canonical Without this flag, git log -p <path> shows commits that touch the specified paths, and Commits that are referred by some branch or tag are selected. The git shortlog command is a special version of git log intended for creating release announcements. It groups each commit by author and displays the first line of each commit message. It groups each commit by author and displays the first line of each commit message.


this problem is about your git config.

you can try to view you git config:

git config --list

so ,you can modify your gitconfig file to fix this problem.

vim ~/.gitconfig

Environment Variables, GIT_PAGER controls the program used to display multi-page output on the command line. The final creation of a Git commit object is usually done by git-​commit-tree , which GIT_AUTHOR_DATE is the timestamp used for the “author” field. Hi, I have incorrectly typed my username while i was doing a pushing to a Git Repo. I am now staying at the popup 'Password Required' For user xxx on host I cannot provide the correct credential as the username is incorrect. But I can find nowhere to change this saved username. I am stuc

git-config Documentation, Commands such as commit and tag that let you edit messages by launching an editor use Show the author email instead of author name in git-blame[1]. Specify an external helper to be called when a username or password credential is  The whatchanged command is essentially the same as git-log[1] but defaults to show the raw format diff output and to skip merges. The command is kept primarily for historical reasons; fingers of many people who learned Git long before git log was invented by reading Linux kernel mailing list are trained to type it.

How can I change the author (name / email) of a commit?, a) Change the author information before making a commit b) Change the There are three ways to change your committer identity in Git. All of these export GIT_AUTHOR_EMAIL="$NEW_EMAIL" fi ' --tag-name-filter cat -- --​branches --tags. git log --no-merges. Show the whole commit history, but skip any merges. git log v2.6.12.. include/scsi drivers/scsi. Show all commits since version v2.6.12 that changed any file in the include/scsi or drivers/scsi subdirectories. git log --since="2 weeks ago" -- gitk. Show the changes during the last two weeks to the file gitk.

3 ways to set up author information in Git, Git currently does not support multiple authors for a single commit, but there to the commit messages; encoding in the author and committer fields of the commit of the tools don't show both the committer and the author by default. What is the optimal password length · Asynchronous array functions in  $ git log --stat commit ca82a6dff817ec66f44342007202690a93763949 Author: Scott Chacon <> Date: Mon Mar 17 21:52:11 2008 -0700 Change version number Rakefile | 2 +- 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-) commit 085bb3bcb608e1e8451d4b2432f8ecbe6306e7e7 Author: Scott Chacon <> Date: Sat Mar 15 16:40:33 2008 -0700 Remove unnecessary test lib/simplegit.rb | 5 ----- 1 file changed, 5 deletions(-) commit a11bef06a3f659402fe7563abf99ad00de2209e6 Author