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I have field called ads_counter in my database, and I need to increase its value each time when this ad is rendered.

I tried to write a custom method and use it in the controller responsible for this data, but that didn't work. Are there any built-in methods to increase the value of a field in the database?

Yes, there is the increment method that you can call in your ActiveRecord.

For reference: increment


To make it save directly use the increment!

You may use it this way:


It automatically increments by 1

instance.increment!(:ads_counter, <number>)

It increments by number provided

Incrementing counters in database – select * from depesz;, Incrementing counters in database. Some time ago It might also do something else, before, or after, the update, and it might even be not in database. And these are not transactional, so you can't rollback seq increase. Increasing Database Process Count Run the ALTER SYSTEM SET processes=300 SCOPE=SPFILE; command on the Oracle Database and restart the Oracle Database Service . If you are using the Oracle Linux operating system, run the shutdown immediate; command and then run the STARTUP pfile=init.ora; command to restart the service.

You have the method increment! that increments an attribute and saves the record


Put this code in the show method of your controller.

How to query-and-increase a value (counter) in a thread-safe way , BEGIN; SELECT `counter` FROM `table` WHERE `id` = 123 FOR UPDATE; UPDATE `table` SET `counter` = `counter`+1 WHERE `id` = 123; COMMIT; This starts a new transaction, then selects the rows you want to update and locks them exclusively. There are several tables with such counters in the database. It doesn't matter if all of them use the single global sequence for their numbers, or each table has its own individual sequence. I don't want to use a column with a datetime stamp instead of an integer counter, because:

You can try increment! method


Implementing efficient counters with MySQL, For example, if you have 100 rows that need to be increased by 3 you could group these into one query like this: UPDATE table SET count =  According to the Prometheus documentation, a Counter is a single, monotonically increasing, cumulative metric. Now, what does that mean? A single metric means, that a Counter represents a single value, e.g. the number of orders created in a shop system. It’s monotonically increasing, so it can only increase

Firestore Increment - Counters that Scale, Firestore Increment - Counters that Scale. Fireship. Loading. Database Transactions https Duration: 3:51 Posted: Apr 8, 2019 So I was a little bored and decided to play around with Javascript. The idea was to create something like the counter on this page using javascript, HTML and a little CSS; using a different layout.

MySQL COUNT() Function, Examples might be simplified to improve reading and basic understanding. Tutorials, references, and examples are constantly reviewed to avoid errors, but we  Indexing, when done properly, can help to optimize your query execution duration and increase overall database performance. Indexes accomplish this by implementing a data structure that helps to keep things organized and makes locating information easier; basically, indexing speeds up the data retrieval process and makes it more efficient

Incrementing Data With Cassandra Counters, To load data into a counter column, or to increase or decrease the value of the counter, use the UPDATE command. Cassandra rejects USING  C# Increment, Preincrement and Decrement Ints Use increment, preincrement and decrement on ints. See benchmarks for these operations.

  • If you share your structure we may help you with more information! Thank you!
  • Already found another way, using update_attributes.Thanks
  • The best way to do it is calling increment since update_attributes call validations and stuff. The increment comand does exactly and exclusivelly what you asked for.
  • Great, full answer: reverence to docs + real example + little more about + nice formatted. Thanks.
  • this method increment only by 1, or there are additional params ?
  • You can use your_object.increment!(:ads_counter, 42) ; There's a link to the doc of the method in my answer
  • Please provide details answer. Thanks