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How to find the Xpath or Id for Alert ? On clicking the Save button, Alert popup displayed on the Screen. I'm unable to find the xpath or id for the Alert using the developer tool.

And, How to take the Text from Alert ?

Thanks, Thyagu

You can retrieve the text from Alert using below code

String alertMessage = driver.switchTo().alert().getText();

How to get element's index by xpath?, How do I find the index of an element in selenium? Using above mentioned method to locate elements but the locator() part will be replaced with the locator names for e.g: id, name, xPath etc… Methods to Locate WebElement from web page using Different Locators in Selenium WebDriver : By ID: ID’s are unique for each WebElement so it is common way to locate elements using ID Locator. ID locators are the fastest and safest locators out of all locators.

You can not, as it is not in the html. However you can handle alert using following code:


Why is ID Locator preferred over XPath in Selenium?, (Java): By xpath = By. xpath( ".//*[. ='User Name']/preceding-sibling::*" ); int position = driver. In Selenium automation, if the elements are not found by the general locators like id, class, name, etc. then XPath is used to find an element on the web page . In this tutorial, we will learn about the xpath and different XPath expression to find the complex or dynamic elements, whose attributes changes dynamically on refresh or any operations.

It is unable to find x-path or id for an alert. you can only click on alert. To accept or dismiss alert you can use switchTo() method.


Locators In Selenium, How to handle Alerts and Pop-ups in Selenium · How to Select a value from a drop-down Locators In Selenium Webdriver | Selenium Training | Edureka Now, I will use the value of Id locator i.e. login-username to locate the email text box. XPath is an important strategy to locate elements in selenium. Selenium WebDriver supports 8 type of locators. We will discuss these locators one by one : ID Locator: ID is considered as the most effective and efficient way to locate web elements on a web page. ID is supposed to be a unique attribute which makes it reliable and easily identifiable. ID locators should always be the first choice for locating

Locators In Selenium WebDriver With Examples, Different attributes like name, id, class etc can be used here. It helps to locate element via xpath using exact text match. are measured equally in terms of CSS locators in Selenium WebDriver. Keeping in mind which locator to choose is as important as ensuring you Handle Alerts And Popups. A locator enables testers to select an HTML DOM element to act on. This post examines various types of locators in Selenium WebDriver. The different locators in Selenium are as follows: By CSS ID: find_element_by_id; By CSS class name: find_element_by_class_name; By name attribute: find_element_by_name; By DOM structure or xpath: find_element

Fire IE Selenium Tool for IE Browser, Fire IE Selenium Tool for IE Browser, How to download and Use Fire IE Selenium Tool to Identify & find Xpath and HTML Locators. Locators in Selenium · WebDriver Element Locator Firefox Add On · XPath Helper WebDriver API; Alerts & Windows Identify UserName, Password and Login button. In this case, the ID is "email." Step 2. Launch Selenium IDE and enter "id=email" in the Target box. Click the Find button and notice that the "Email or Phone" text box becomes highlighted with yellow and bordered with green, meaning, Selenium IDE was able to locate that element correctly. Locating by Name

Handling of Alerts, JavaScript Alerts and PopUp Boxes, How to handle Different Types of Alerts Prompt and Confirmation. driver.get("​");. The above technique will be used throughout my article for demonstrating the CSS locators in Selenium WebDriver . Now, we look on how to find locators in Selenium WebDriver. ID Locator In Selenium. This is the most common way of locating elements considering that they are unique to each element in the DOM(Document Object Model).