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I have an interface with two buttons that pop and return true or false, like so:

onPressed: () => Navigator.pop(context, false)

I need to adapt the back button in the appbar, so it pops and also returns false. Is there a way to accomplish this?

This may help and work for you

1st screen

void goToSecondScreen()async {
 var result = await Navigator.push(_context, new MaterialPageRoute(
 builder: (BuildContext context) => new SecondScreen(context),
 fullscreenDialog: true,)

Scaffold.of(_context).showSnackBar(SnackBar(content: Text("$result"),duration: Duration(seconds: 3),));

2nd screen

Navigator.pop(context, "Hello world");

Flutter Back button with return data, Flutter! Handle back button in a flutter Application | Override back How can catch the back pressed event in Flutter? return WillPopScope( Flutter Back button with return data. Ask Question Asked 1 year, 9 months ago. Active 1 month ago. Flutter Android back button navigating back to main page. 25.

The default BackButton takes over the leading property of your AppBar so all you need to do is to override the leading property with your custom back button, for example:

leading: IconButton(icon:Icon(Icons.chevron_left),onPressed:() => Navigator.pop(context, false),),)

Flutter! Handle back button in a flutter Application, So, how do you catch this user event in Flutter? in the top right of the app bar, and a back arrow navigation in the top left. return new Scaffold( that does absolutely nothing when the user changes the data in the field. How can I handle device back button's onPressed() in Flutter for Android? I know that I must put a back button manually for iOS but Android device has built-in BACK button and user can press it. I know that I must put a back button manually for iOS but Android device has built-in BACK button and user can press it.

To pop the data and pass data back on navigation, you need to use .then() from screen 1. Below is the example.

Screen 2:

class DetailsClassWhichYouWantToPop {
  final String date;
  final String amount;
  DetailsClassWhichYouWantToPop(this.date, this.amount);

void getDataAndPop() {
      DetailsClassWhichYouWantToPop detailsClass = new DetailsClassWhichYouWantToPop(dateController.text, amountController.text);
      Navigator.pop(context, detailsClass); //pop happens here

new RaisedButton(
    child: new Text("Edit"),
    color:  UIData.col_button_orange,
    textColor: Colors.white,
    onPressed: getDataAndPop, //calling pop here

Screen 1:

    class Screen1 extends StatefulWidget {
          //var objectFromEditBill;
          DetailsClassWhichYouWantToPop detailsClass;

          MyBills({Key key, this.detailsClass}) : super(key: key);

          Screen1State createState() => new Screen1State();

        class Screen1State extends State<Screen1> with TickerProviderStateMixin {

        void getDataFromEdit(DetailsClassWhichYouWantToPop detailClass) {
        print("natureOfExpense Value:::::: " + detailClass.date);
        print("receiptNumber value::::::: " + detailClass.amount);

      void getDataFromEdit(DetailsClassWhichYouWantToPop detailClass) {
        print("natureOfExpense Value:::::: " + detailClass.natureOfExpense);
        print("receiptNumber value::::::: " + detailClass.receiptNumber);

      void pushFilePath(File file) async {
        await Navigator.push(
            builder: (context) => Screen2(fileObj: file),
          getDataFromScreen2(val); //you get details from screen2 here

How to know when user has tapped the back button or back , May be used to do stuff when the Android back-button is tapped, as an Then the function will only be called if all previous functions returned  On my Home widget, when user taps system back button, I want to show a confirmation dialog asking "Do you want to exit the App?" I don't understand how I should override or handle the system back button.

Flutter: Handle Back Button Pressed, Do you need to disable or override the back button in your Flutter The second is onWillPop which is a callback that returns a Future . Navigate to the second route using Navigator.push(). Return to the first route using Navigator.pop(). 1. Create two routes. First, create two routes to work with. Since this is a basic example, each route contains only a single button. Tapping the button on the first route navigates to the second route.

The simplest way to achieve this is to :

In your body take a WillPopScope as the parent widget And on its onPop : () {} call

Navigator.pop(context, false);

onWillPop of WillPopScope will be triggered automatically when you’ll press the back button on your appbar

back_button_interceptor, Flutter and Mobile development tutorials and guides. Navigate back from a page programatically; Get a result after a page is closed; Override the back button on a page The way we return a result is by passing a value to the .pop method. back_button_interceptor # In simple cases, when you need to intercept the Android back-button, you usually add WillPopScope to your widget tree. However, when developing stateful widgets that interact with the back button, it's more convenient to use the BackButtonInterceptor. You may add functions to be called when the back button is tapped.

Flutter - Disable/Override Back Button with WillPopScope, On SubPage, let's put a TextField for user to input anything text, then user can click the button to back to MainPage. MainPage can receive the  A common Android UI pattern for edit screens is to ask the user to confirm that they want to discard their changes when they tap the back button or back navigation arrow. So, how do you catch this user event in Flutter? Well, after a fair amount of trial and error, the solution turned out … Continue reading "How to know when user has tapped the back button or back navigation arrow in Flutter"

Flutter Navigation Cheatsheet - A Guide to the Navigator, To cancel back button pressed or swipe back, round Scaffold widget with WillPopupScope widget and return false to onWillPop method. Flutter: Push, Pop, Push. So pressing on the back button would take you back to the DetailsScreen. Give me some data back, man. You might also want to return data from a new screen. Like

Receive returning data from a new screen in Flutter • FlutterMaster, 2. Create a list of todos. Second, display a list of todos. In this example, generate 20 todos and show them using a ListView. For more information on working with lists, see the Use lists recipe.