Remove brackets from url with array of ids (Request.js)

I have an application with nodejs express who makes request but when I pass an array I am:

Example: /foo?id=1&id=3&id=5

How to remove '[]' ?

var requestQueryParams = {id: [1,3,5]}

var options = {
        url: '',
        headers: {'content-type': 'application/json', 'accept': 'application/json'},
        qs: requestQueryParams || {}

request.get(options), function(){...}


Request.js =

Qs.js =

Qs.stringify({ a: ['b', 'c', 'd'] }); // 'a[0]=b&a[1]=c&a[2]=d'

javascript, Since some time now there is a better solution. request uses qs per default to stringify the passed in qs object which also accepts options for formatting it. One of  the most simple solution for removing the brackets is, 1.convert the arraylist into string with .toString () method. 2.use String.substring (1,strLen-1). (where strLen is the length of string after conversion from arraylist). 3.Hurraaah..the result string is your string with removed brackets.

What do you want instead? If you want, then you need to give it a params object like this:

var requestQueryParams = { id0: 1, id1: 3, id2: 5 }

If you already have an object that looks like { id: [1,2,3] }, then you need to convert that object into one like the above. You can do that in a for loop easily enough:

var requestQueryParams = { id: [1,3,5] },
    newRequestQueryParams = {};

for(var i = 0; i <; i++) {
  var paramName = "id" + i, // "id0", "id1", etc.
      id =[i];

  newRequestQueryParams[paramName] = id;

// => { id0: 1, id1: 3, id2: 5 }

Update: If you want a query string like id=1&id=3&id=5 (although this would be very strange, as I mention in my comment below), you can also do it in a for loop, as above, or you could do something like this:

var requestQueryParams = { id: [1,3,5] },
    queryStringParts = [], // an array this time

for(var i = 0; i <; i++) {
  var param = "id=" + parseInt([i] );
// queryStringParts is now [ "id=1", "id=3", "id=5" ]

queryString = queryStringParts.join("&")
// => "id=1&id=3&id=5"

I used parseInt inside the for loop because I'm assuming the IDs are coming from an untrusted source (e.g. a user) and, since you're building a string manually instead of using a library that will encode the data for you, you want to prevent a malicious user from injecting arbitrary strings into your request. You could also use encodeURIComponent, but it's overkill if IDs should always be numbers.

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My Solution is override (request.Request.prototype.qs)

var qs = require('qs'),
request = require('request'),
url = require('url');

var stringify;
var toString = Object.prototype.toString;

var isArray = Array.isArray || function (arr) {
return === '[object Array]';

var objectKeys = Object.keys || function (obj) {
var ret = [];
for (var key in obj) {
    if (obj.hasOwnProperty(key)) {
return ret;

var stringifyString = function (str, prefix) {
if (!prefix) throw new TypeError('stringify expects an object');
return prefix + '=' + encodeURIComponent(str);

var stringifyArray = function (arr, prefix) {
var ret = [];
if (!prefix) throw new TypeError('stringify expects an object');
for (var i = 0; i < arr.length; i++) {
    ret.push(stringify(arr[i], prefix));
return ret.join('&');

function stringifyObject(obj, prefix) {
var ret = [];
var keys = objectKeys(obj);
var key;

for (var i = 0, len = keys.length; i < len; ++i) {

    key = keys[i];

    if ('' === key) {

    if (null === obj[key]) {
        ret.push(encodeURIComponent(key) + '=');

    } else {
        ret.push(stringify(obj[key], prefix ? prefix + '[' + encodeURIComponent(key) + ']' :     encodeURIComponent(key)));

return ret.join('&');

stringify = function (obj, prefix) {
if (isArray(obj)) {
    return stringifyArray(obj, prefix);
} else if ('[object Object]' === {
    return stringifyObject(obj, prefix);
} else if ('string' === typeof obj) {
    return stringifyString(obj, prefix);
} else {
    return prefix + '=' + encodeURIComponent(String(obj));

And override prototype.qs :

request.Request.prototype.qs = function (q, clobber) {
var base;

if (!clobber && this.uri.query) {
    base = qs.parse(this.uri.query)
else {
    base = {}

for (var i in q) {
    base[i] = q[i]

if (stringify(base) === '') {
    return this

this.uri = url.parse(this.uri.href.split('?')[0] + '?' + stringify(base));
this.url = this.uri;
this.path = this.uri.path;

return this;

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  • I want to have the index.
  • Where do you want to "have the index"? I see you edited your question, which has unfortunately made it less clear. Is id=1&id=3&id=5 the query string you want to end up with? Since it's a very non-standard format (with duplicate parameters most endpoints will take only the last, i.e. id=1 and id=3 will be ignored in favor of id=5), so you'll probably have to just build the string manually. I'll update my answer to show how you might do that.
  • @JordanRunning: Passing multiple parameters with the same name is the standard way of passing a list of values. Both in the query string and in POST data. Every web framework ought to support getting all the values.
  • That’s interesting, Matti. Can you give me a link to the standard?