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Currently I am passing Json data as

coords: [
  {lat: 27.17841526682381, lng: 73.29395468749999}, 
  {lat: 24.88842099751237, lng: 73.64551718749999}

Instead of this, I need to send Json data as

 coords: [
    {27.17841526682381, 73.29395468749999},
    {24.88842099751237, 73.64551718749999}]

How can I able to achieve the same. How can I obtain these result.

All you need is a very simple map() operation

const coords = [
  {lat: 27.17841526682381, lng: 73.29395468749999}, 
  {lat: 24.88842099751237, lng: 73.64551718749999}

const res = => [, o.lng])


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The easiest way is to use Array#map() with Object.values() as a callback:

coords =;


Note that your desired output format is incorrect because the inner objects aren't valid objects, they should be arrays.


let coords = [
  {lat: 27.17841526682381, lng: 73.29395468749999}, 
  {lat: 24.88842099751237, lng: 73.64551718749999}

coords =;

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Try this.... use Object.values()

var coords= [
  {lat: 27.17841526682381, lng: 73.29395468749999}, 
  {lat: 24.88842099751237, lng: 73.64551718749999}

let items = [];
for (var prop in coords) {

 var val= Object.values(coords[prop]);
<script src=""></script>

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Assuming that your output should be a nested array like:


You can use reduce on your array of objects to achieve this in the following way:

var coords = [
  {lat: 27.17841526682381, lng: 73.29395468749999}, 
  {lat: 24.88842099751237, lng: 73.64551718749999}

var formattedCoords = coords.reduce((dict, item) => [...dict, [, item.lng]], []);


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  • What did you try?
  • I think you might be missing a "{" at "[27.17.." change it in that way and you would be sending an object with an array of cords that have no properties. It would work but your code would then have to always assume the first value in the object is a lat and the second is a lng.
  • I tried using for loop
  • post the server side code.
  • I need to send Json data as so, you don't want to send JSON data at all,just some randomly formatted data - neither of those blocks of data are valid JSON anyway