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So like everyone else before me I am trying to disable chrome autofill.

This explained to me why autocomplete off does not work:

A user agent may allow the user to override an element's autofill field name, e.g. to change it from "off" to "on" to allow values to be remembered and prefilled despite the page author's objections, or to always "off", never remembering values. However, user agents should not allow users to trivially override the autofill field name from "off" to "on" or other values, as there are significant security implications for the user if all values are always remembered, regardless of the site's preferences.

This should be the solution:

In some case, the browser will keep suggesting autocompletion values even if the autocomplete attribute is set to off. This unexpected behavior can be quite puzzling for developers. The trick to really force the no-completion is to assign a random string to the attribute

Default behavior

This is expected.

Autocomplete off

This is also expected.

Autocomplete as random string

The autocomplete is different but I still see it and it is coming from chrome. (I disabled my extensions, only turning autofill off in chrome settings prevented the autocomplete from showing up)

Can anyone please explain what is happening and how do I finally get rid of it? šŸ¤Æ


In another input in the same form autocomplete="off" works and autocomplete="radnomString!23123adf" does not work. Setting autocomplete attribute to the form element didn't help. autocomplete="new-password" also didn't help.

As of recent Chrome (definitely version 70) autocomplete="off" is now respected, as long as your inputs do not look like user profile, address or credit card data.

On the other hand, values such as disabled, nope or random strings appear to be ignored.

It is likely Chrome is ignoring the autocomplete element because your input name is individualName. The autofill logic is done server-side by Google, so there are lots of heuristics involved.

javascript, A user agent may allow the user to override an element's autofill field name, e.g. to change it from "off" to "on" to allow values to be remembered and prefilledĀ  The autocomplete flag has successfully disabled the autocomplete behavior, where a dropdown of values appear as you start typing, but has not changed the values that Chrome auto-populates the fields as. This behavior would be ok except that chrome is filling the inputs incorrectly, for example filling the phone input with an email address.

To add slightly to rjh's answer, Chrome isn't just looking at the name / id of the field you are looking to disable autocomplete. It is looking at the text near the text box. So if you have "Name: [txtRandomStringTextBox]" it will assume [txtRandomStringTextBox] is actually a name and it will continue to recommend autofill. Not sure of a work around for this.

Although their current implementation in Chrome 70 .0.3538.102 is less annoying, it would be nice if this was fully addressed.

914451 - Autofill does not respect autocomplete="off", > In cases where you really want to disable autofill, our suggestion at this point is to utilize the autocomplete attribute to give valid, semanticĀ  Is there a way to disable Chrome's Autofill so it doesn't obscure the autocomplete? The input already has "autocomplete=off" but Chrome no longer seems to pay attention to this. I've also tried overriding the "autocomplete" parameter with a semantic name, using autocomplete="false" and have tried using hidden fields with the same name.

I had same problem on windows Chrome. Chrome ignored my settings about autocomplete and do evil things.

On my computer with Chrome version 70+ work fine with new saved passwords but on computer which had passwords created before Chrome version 70 not work as expected. After created new and delete password and other many things with settings and whatever, my fellow clear Chrome cache from AppData. Now it works as expected like computer one.

Its seem like changes in Chrome 70 with new feature respect autocomplete=off does not refresh cache with old stored passwords. (THX for info @rjh)



Hope it helps.

468153, Setting type="search" will trick chrome into disabling autocomplete, although it The behaviour is explicitly defined, and it is a standard HTML feature, not aĀ  P.S. Note that Chrome will attempt to infer autofill behavior from name, id and any text content it can get surrounding the field including labels and arbitrary text nodes. If there is a autocomplete token like street-address in context, Chrome will autofill that as such. The heuristic can be quite confusing as it sometimes only trigger if

How to turn off password and email/username autocomplete. Ā· GitHub, <form autocomplete="off"> will turn off autocomplete for the form in most browsers fake fields are a workaround for chrome/opera autofill getting the wrong fields --> the feature enabled and stop trying to control the user's browser's behavior. @AwokeKnowing, unexpectedly auto-filling some fields in managementĀ  How to Disable Form Autofill. Fire up Chrome, click the menu icon, and then click on ā€œSettings.ā€ Alternatively, you can type chrome://settings/ into the Omnibox to go directly there. Scroll down until you see the Autofill section, and click on ā€œAddresses and More.ā€ Untoggle the switch next to ā€œSave and fill addresses.ā€

Disable HTML form input autocomplete and autofill Ā· GitHub, This formation is going to prevent Chrome and Firefox to offer autofill and autocomplete for all This unexpected behavior can be quite puzzling for developers. TLDR; Don't label your inputs with obvious names or Chrome will pick that up and autofill the input. I often use a form-group class to wrap my labels and inputs together, pretty common practice. So much so the only way I found to get around AutoFill in Chrome (Angular 8, Chrome v80) was to change the value of my label for the input.

roboform overriding chrome autofill, They blame google for disabling autofill when external password manager extension is active. This is very annoying as search history no longerĀ  Turning Off Autofill in Chrome. Click the Chrome menu icon. (Three dots at top right of screen.) Click on Settings. In the "Autofill" section, expand the area for which you wish to disable Autofill. Toggle the setting OFF if it is on. The system will automatically save your settings. Clearing Autofill Data in Chrome. Click the Chrome menu icon.

  • Sorry I have Chrome version 70.0.3538.110 and autocomplete="off" doesn't work, while "nope" better works. Strange. I also tested with Chrome 69.
  • @barbara.post, make sure you have unique 'name' attribute for each input.
  • Also, I need to emphasise that Chrome actually calls out to Google servers to ask if it should autofill. So the logic can change at any time!
  • autocomplete=off only addresses autocomplete issue. Autofill suggestion still appears on Chrome 71
  • SOLUTION IS DELETE CHROME CACHE FROM šŸ¤£I don't think that will work for people who use my website.
  • @Michal I understand. I have web product and my customers was big trouble with that. And I am not saying its good but its Chrome update bug and this solve my problem after 3 days find solution. I hope it helps someone.
  • Version 76.0.3809.87 here, this solution doesn't work. After deleting my User Data, restarting Chrome and saving my credentials again I still have them prefilled in random fields