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Our project is deployed on Elastic Beanstalk and I want to run this on HTTPs. I created my certificate on AWS Certificate Manager and choose DNS verification option. I added provided data in my Godaddy DNS records. Below is my sample data

Domain Name | Record Name | Record Type | Record Value 

example.com | _8046ecb910c52234234234234232ecae.example.com. | CNAME | _81b05686qweerttcxsaxasdadas5a566.tljzshvwok.acm-validations.aws. 

*.example.com | _8046ecb910c52234234234234232ecae.example.com. | CNAME |  _81b05686qweerttcxsaxasdadas5a566.tljzshvwok.acm-validations.aws.

AWS has given my two records for example.com and *.example.com but both records are same. So I added one CNAME record in Godaddy DNS entries. I waited for three days and my certificate was still in pending state which in the end expired. I created a new one and I have been waiting for 24 hours and it is still in pending state. I cannot use Email verification method as I am not owner of this domain.

An apparently common error is to paste the entire hostname into a box that does not expect an FQDN, thus creating a record that actually looks like this in DNS (though you may not observe it this way on the screen):


For the "hostname," just use _8046ecb910c52234234234234232ecae when creating the record.

After creating it, use dig or nslookup to verify that it resolves as expected.

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I had similar issue with AWS certificate in 'Pending validation' state for quite some time. After few tries I finally got it to get in 'Success' state. It might vary by domain registrar , in my case it was NameCheap.

Refer the screenshots from AWS ACM and NameCheap to follow the step that got it working for me:

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I also had this issue and waited a day but still Pending Validation. I followed answers here but still got confused and Pending Validation so I decided to share the step by step of what worked for me in NameCheap.


  1. Export the DNS configuration file. It will have something like this.
    Domain Name,Record Name,Record Type,Record Value

In NameCheap:

  1. Choose "Domain" tab > NameServers - Choose NameCheap Basic DNS
  2. Choose "Advanced DNS" tab > Host Records
  3. Under Type, choose "CNAME record"
  4. Under Host, use the value in "Record Name". Do not include the domain name.
  1. Under Value, use the value in "Record Value". Copy everything.
  1. Under TTL, choose "Automatic"
  2. Save the settings by clicking the check icon right beside TTL.


  1. Refresh the AWS Certificate Manager after 2-5 minutes. It should only take a few minutes for Amazon status to change from Pending Validation to Issued.

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AWS Certificate Manager "Pending Validation" After 16 hours : aws, r/aws: News, articles and tools covering Amazon Web Services (AWS), including S3, EC2, SQS, RDS, DynamoDB, IAM, CloudFormation, Route 53 … If your certificate is in the Pending validation state, then you must confirm whether the CNAME record provided by ACM was added to the correct DNS configuration. To determine the DNS configuration to add the CNAME record, run a command similar to the following:

Step by Step Guide: How to get SSL Certificate on AWS Certificate , AWS(Amazon Web Services) Certificate Manager provides free public SSL CNAME for DNS validation and its state is “Pending Validation”. If the update is delayed, the domain's validation status in the AWS Certificate Manager console is "Success" and the certificate's renewal status is "Pending validation." The original certificate expired. If the original email-validated ACM certificate expires, the certificate status changes from "Issued" to "Pending validation." You must validate the domain within 72 hours, or the renewal status changes from "Pending validation" to "Failed." If the renewal fails, you must request another

Cannot create Route53 automatically DNS-validated certificate , Cannot create Route53 automatically DNS-validated certificate #3592 cause to be my new ACM certificates were stuck in status "Pending Validation" Update: after building the aws-certificatemanager package locally from  AWS ACM sometimes fails to provision certificates, if you try to provision the same domain in multiple regions at the same time, it will fail. So: Make sure the dns validation record is set properly.

  • I put . in the end after my server address. Does that make any difference.? Or I should remove server address?
  • The correct answer is highly dependent on the UI of the DNS host. Did you try querying your record with dig? Either you get the right result, get the wrong result, or get no result, and how to proceed depends on what you have now. Without knowing the actual domain you are using, it's difficult to troubleshoot.
  • Sorry for my ignorance. How to use dig for this purpose?
  • My domain is ballogy.com