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While trying to input my API key python is giving me a line too long code

E501: line too long

What I have is

notifications_client = NotificationsAPIClient(aaaaaaa_aaaaaaaa-11aa1a1a-aa11-111a-aaaa-11111aaa1a1a-aa11a1a1-0aa1-11a1-1111-1aa111a0a111)

For obvious reasons I have changed the API key to have only a's 1's and 0's but how can I break up this line of code so I no longer get this error?

E501 is a linter error, not a Python interpreter error. Your code, in theory, should work just fine. If you want to prevent this error, simply break the value up (assuming it's a string ... you don't make that clear):

my_key = ('aaaaaaa_aaaaaaaa-11aa1a1a-aa11-111a-aaaa-'
notifications_client = NotificationsAPIClient(my_key)

Pep8 E501: line too long error, The whitespaces at the beginning of the lines become part of your string if you break it like this. Try this: header, response = client.request(  If you write a comment that will raise an E501 error, i.e. it is too long, you can append that line with # noqa: E501, and flake8 will ignore it. For example: # This is a really really long comment that would usually be flagged by flake8 because it is longer than 79 characters. would usually raise an E501, but.

E501 is not a python error, rather than a PEP8 error. Meaning your line is longer than 80 chars (in your case it's 137 chars long).

Your editor or runtime are verifying that your code is correct by PEP8 rules and that's why you are getting this "error". Your Python code has actually no errors at all.

If you want your code to be PEP8 compliant I suggest:

  1. Extract the API key to a local variable.
  2. If it's still too long you can break up the string into multiple lines

Here is an example:

API_KEY = 'aaaaaaa_aaaaaaaa-11aa1a1a-aa11-111a' \ 
          '-aaaa-11111aaa1a1a-aa11a1a1-0aa1-' \
notifications_client = NotificationsAPIClient(API_KEY)

python - Pep8 E501: line too long error, But linter gives me an error "[W] PEP8 (E501): line too long (80 > 79 characters)". You can make use of Python string concat mechanisms and write the So your code is PEP8 compliant and the string is in the desired format E501 line too long (188 > 79 characters) a similar tool also faults. if a string can be extended to more than one line using "" and continuing the string to next line why cant we automate it ?

Use \ to break your line. Like; notifications_client = NotificationsAPIClient(aaaaaaa_aaaaaaaa-11aa1a1a-\ aa11-111a-aaaa-11111aaa1a1a-\ aa11a1a1-0aa1-11a1-1111-1aa111a0a111)

Linter "line too long" error and excessive whitespace inside multi , Line lengths are recommended to be no greater than 79 characters. The reasoning for this​length  When using PEP8 code checkers such as flake8 in Python, an error of E501 line too long occurs when one line exceeds 80 characters. Here, I will introduce how to write a long string that does not contain a newline into multiple lines of code. Use a backslash (\)

Option which doesn't involved breaking the string literal:

notifications_client = NotificationsAPIClient(

So long as your key is <73 (minus scope indentation) characters long. If not, you'll have to split it.

Line too long (82 > 79 characters) (E501), GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, Python version: 3.6.5 limit. flake8 is giving me these errors a bit everywhere : [flake8] E501:line too long (153 > 100 characters) If you don't care about the line length problem, then you should probably just have  Max Line Length and E501 #47. dkirkby opened this issue Jun 30, 2015 · 6 comments Labels. question. Comments. Copy link Quote reply dkirkby commented Jun 30, 2015

Not respecting line limit · Issue #436 · psf/black · GitHub, Fix the 'line too long' E501 flake8 errors in python/lldbutils but it is unclear how to fix the 'line too long' E501 errors (flake8 gives no help, neither do any docs that I can find). Note, you can skip specific error codes in the root .flake8 file. Is it that the line should always be less than 80 chars, even if it is spanning multiple lines? Second problem: elif choice == "taunt bear" and not bear_moved: ••••••••print("""The•bear•has•moved•from•the•door.

1605145, If your statement's length is more than 80 characters, you should think about breaking it up. In the book, we often had to do so because of layout  As anaconda can use whatever python interprets that the user wants to use ( including virtual environments and remote interpreters), anaconda can lint the code for a Python version different than the version included with Sublime Text 3 (Python 3.3.3).

Breaking long lines in Python, python --testsuite testsuite $ python --doctest Add E252 error for missing whitespace around equal sign in type annotated function arguments with defaults values. Correctly report E501 when the first line of a docstring is too long. (Issue #182); Give priority to --select over --​ignore . If you have some ridiculous long string that isn't very convenient to break into pieces (thinking about things like Sentry DSNs, the occasional module in MIDDLEWARE or INSTALLED_APPS), you can just put # noqa at the end of the line and the linters will ignore the line. Use sparingly thou and definitely not for the case you asked for.

  • Python itself doesn't produce that sort of error. It looks as if you are using some sort of linter or style checker?
  • I am currently using Codenvy to begin writing the API integration with python but its been a nightmare thus far. Within the same line of code it is also giving me a syntax error which im not understanding either
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