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I am working on splitting a string into its basic components. I have figured out the first part and is working fine;


What I am currently having a problem with is the 2nd and 3rd parts. The format of the whole string is; character_character_character (where each of these fields can have a varied amount of characters).

SUBSTRING(Field, CHARINDEX('-',Field)+1, CHARINDEX('_',Field, CHARINDEX('_',Field)+1 - CHARINDEX('_',Field)-1)) AS POS2

This is working in some instances but truncating in others. I've been staring at this for so long that I am solution blind.

Also, going to tackle the third position.

Any advice would be welcomed as to why this does work the way it should.

This should work:

SELECT Field, SUBSTRING(Field,0,CHARINDEX('_',Field,0)) AS POS1, 
SUBSTRING(SUBSTRING(Field, CHARINDEX('_',Field)+1, LEN(Field)), 0, CHARINDEX('_',SUBSTRING(Field, CHARINDEX('_',Field)+1, LEN(Field)),0)) AS POS2 ,
SUBSTRING(Field, 3 + LEN(SUBSTRING(Field,0,CHARINDEX('_',Field,0))) + LEN(SUBSTRING(SUBSTRING(Field, CHARINDEX('_',Field)+1, LEN(Field)), 0, CHARINDEX('_',SUBSTRING(Field, CHARINDEX('_',Field)+1, LEN(Field)),0))), LEN(Field))  AS POS3

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If it's always three parts you can use a trick with replace and parsename:

SELECT PARSENAME(val, 3) As col1,
       PARSENAME(val, 2) As col2,
       PARSENAME(val, 1) As col3
FROM Table
    SELECT REPLACE(Col, '_', '.') As val
) x

Java Class To Find Substrings Between Two Delimiters, Where , Sometimes, it is necessary to find substrings of a string between two delimiters. * This is usually easy, unless the delimiters can be nested. public string Between(string STR , string FirstString, string LastString) { string FinalString; int Pos1 = STR.IndexOf(FirstString) + FirstString.Length; int Pos2 = STR.IndexOf(LastString); FinalString = STR.Substring(Pos1, Pos2 - Pos1); return FinalString; }

I've used REVERSE before to do something similar with the path and file names.There are some examples Here too.

SET @full = 'c:\windows\system\sub-folder\somefile_file-stuff.qqq'
SELECT SUBSTRING(@full, 1, LEN(@full)-(CHARINDEX('\',REVERSE(@full))-1)) AS Path

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Try this, I tend to use variables to get the positions and simply the process

declare @field varchar(300) =  'character1_character2_character3'
declare @char1Pos int =  CHARINDEX('_',@field,0)

--select @char1Pos
declare @char2Pos int = (CHARINDEX('_',@field)+@char1Pos + 1) -1
--select @char2Pos

select  (SUBSTRING(@field,0,@char1Pos)) AS POS1,
SUBSTRING(@field, -- field
          @char1Pos+ 1,--starting position for POS2
          (@char2Pos -1) - @char1Pos) --ENDING POSITION FOR POS2
          AS POS2,
     substring(@field,-- field
                ((@char2Pos +1) ),--starting position for POS3
                len(@field) - ((@char2Pos -1) - @char1Pos))--ENDING POSITION FOR POS2
                 as POS3

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Final working code;

SELECT (SUBSTRING([field],0,CHARINDEX('_',[field],0))) AS POS1
, SUBSTRING(SUBSTRING([field], CHARINDEX('_',[field])+1, LEN([field])), 0, CHARINDEX('_',SUBSTRING([field], CHARINDEX('_',[field])+1, LEN([field])),0)) AS POS2
, RIGHT([field],CHARINDEX('_',REVERSE([field]))-1) AS POS3
FROM TableName

Thanks all, especially Sorix.

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Find and replace string between two delimiters, The practical ways of using the useful substring functionality in Java - from A Scanner breaks its input into tokens using a delimiter pattern, which we're going to see how to extract a substring nested between two Strings: ? If you want to extract the values between the 2nd and 3rd colon delimiter, you add a column with this formula: Text.Split([Value], ":"){2} It splits the text on each colon and returns a list of the separated values. To fetch the 3rd value from the list you use {2} because the count starts at zero here.