Frame from video is upside down after extracting

Frame from video is upside down after extracting

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opencv rotate video
python read video frames
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ret, frame = cap read
imrotate opencv

My problem here is that when I extracting a video into a frame using opencv, sometimes the frame that I get will flip up which happened to me for both my machine(window) and VM(ubuntu) But some of the video I tested, frames are not flip. So, I wonder what factor or what should be changed/added in my code to make the extract fixed without a flip

def extract_frame(video,folder):
   global fps

   vidcap = cv2.VideoCapture(video)
   success,image =
   fps = vidcap.get(cv2.CAP_PROP_FPS)
   count = 0
   success = True
   while success:  #os.path.join(pathOut,(name+'.png'))
      cv2.imwrite(os.path.join('./green_frame/{folder}/'.format(folder=folder),"frame%d.png" % count), image)
      success,image =
      print('Read a new frame: ', success) 
      count += 1

This is the example of frame I get from this code. Which my orginal video that I used is upside down like this:

So, in my case, what I have to changed to make it not flip like my first picture. Is it relate to the resolution or framerate of the video? I tested with a 1280x720 resolution video and all of the frame extracted are flipped upside down but a frame from video with a 568x320 is normal

Thank you

Edit: So, I look at the information of the video and I found out that in the metadata, it has rotate 180 for the video that extract to an upside down frame But when I check with a normal video that produced a non upside-down frame, it does not have rotate:180

So from this, how can I deal with a video that has a rotation?

How to Fix Upside Down Videos?, For anyone still looking into this, I was just stuck on the same problem. Turns out some Android phones and iPhones take images/frames in  If you want to extract frame and get the same resolution as the original, click the video thumbnail in the Media Library and then click the Play button in the Preview Window. Click the Camera icon to extract the frame, and the extracted frames will be saved automatically to the media library. Step 2: Extract frames from video Frame by Frame

The rotate tag is optional so the check_rotation will fail, This code fix it:

def check_rotation(path_video_file):
    # this returns meta-data of the video file in form of a dictionary
    meta_dict = ffmpeg.probe(path_video_file)
    # from the dictionary, meta_dict['streams'][0]['tags']['rotate'] is the key
    # we are looking for
    rotate_code = None
    rotate = meta_dict.get('streams', [dict(tags=dict())])[0].get('tags', dict()).get('rotate', 0)
    return round(int(rotate) / 90.0) * 90

How to Rotate Videos in Windows Media Player, I am reading all the frames from a video and saving them in .png picutres. The imwrite command is saving all the images upside down.. how do  There are many options, but one command that works fine to extract frames from a video is the following: ffmpeg -i <video_filename> -y -an -q:v 15 -r <fps> -f image2 <frame_name%05d.jpg>. https

I would just do this in your frame processing loop:

frame = cv2.flip(frame,0)

The 0 flips vertically, see Open CV documentation for more info.

We extract SIFT features for each frame and bag-of-words is used combined with In this experiment, after preprocessing the input videos, we segment the videos up the procedure we apply vocabulary tree combined with inverted file [13]. If you want to extract a succession or range of frames or even all frames from a short video clip, capturing the images one at a time is incredibly inefficient and time consuming. For that purpose, you need a program that can extract however many video frames you want and save them to image files automatically, like jpg or png.

Then every features extracted from the database are mapped to those word. Moreover, combining with inverted file, the BoW representation can improve the matching method which is adopted to aggregate frame level results into video level results. 4.1 Preprocessing Since many adjacent frames are quite similar, it is  I often record video on my iPhone and find that it's upside down once I download it to my laptop. This is how I quickly rotate them 180 degrees and fix the upside down video problem using an

Each frame of a 30 fps interlaced video consists of two fields, odd and even, that This is useful for extracting brightness data (gray level 0-255) from RGB There is no properties dialog for the negative filter since there is nothing to adjust. REAL FIX Camera Upside Down PID B0012 Chicony Sonix260. Windows 7 8 10 (See text below) - Duration: 1:52. Maxx Antalis 2,653 views

to quickly improve poor video color, whereas others like Extract and Posterize can add an artistic look. I show how to use some of these effects later in this chapter. between your video frames and everyone's favorite fourth dimension, time. You can change the camera view, crop the image, flip it upside-down, and  This video will show you how to fix those annoying flipped or turned photos on your digital photo frames, smart phone, tablet and computer. I explain in detail EXIF Data Orientation values and