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I have a .txt file, which contains different words like blablabla:thatswhationlywant.

The blablabla words are always different. So I need to print out only all characters after the ":" - how can I do it?

Thanks a lot!

You could use grep like so:

grep -o ':.*' file.txt

but that will include the :

I would probably do it with cut as it will be more performant

cut -d: -f2 file.txt

Grep text only only after [word]:, You can cut the first phrase [something]: and get the rest using. grep and sed: $ grep -w "\[onemore\]:" words.txt | sed 's/\[onemore\]://g' i got mad. The construct for positive lookbehind is (?<=text) a pair of parentheses, with the opening parenthesis followed by a question mark, “less than” symbol, and an equals sign. 1. Print next word after pattern match using grep 1.1 Using lookbehind. Let's look at some examples to print next word after pattern match.

use cut tool to filter the output of grep. grep ":" file.txt | cut -d ":" -f 2 will only show the text after the character ':' have a look at the manual page for cut for more infomations

How to Grep for Text in Files, When used on a specific file, grep only outputs the lines that contain the matching string. When run in recursive mode, grep outputs the full path  The tool [code]sed[/code] is much more appropriate for this than [code]grep[/code] because it allows you to actually modify matching lines. Try this command: [code

2 methods to grep & print next word after pattern match in Linux , Many (if not all) Unix tools provide man pages during install. On Red Hat Enterprise Linux-based systems, we can run the following to list grep  grep -E -o ".{0,5}test_pattern.{0,5}" test.txt This will match up to 5 characters before and after your pattern. The -o switch tells grep to only show the match and -E to use an extended regular expression. Make sure to put the quotes around your expression, else it might be interpreted by the shell.

Manipulating text at the command line with grep, When i grep for a pattern the search results comes up with matching lines(some before Linux version : Oracle Linux 6.5 Shell : bash In the the below text file  Grep exact matching lines and 2 lines after. user@box:~$ grep -A 2 my_regex out line 5 my_regex line 6 line 7 user@box:~$. Grep exact matching lines and 2 lines before. user@box:~$ grep -B 2 my_regex out line 3 line 4 line 5 my_regex user@box:~$. Grep exact matching lines and 2 lines before and after.

grep to show lines only after pattern, Though grep expects to do the matching on text, it has no limits on input line length other Although this is straightforward when letters differ in case only via​  Linux version : Oracle Linux 6.5 Shell : bash In the the below text file (someString.text), I want to grep all lines with .sh in it. ie. Only the lines and should be returned.

GNU Grep 3.4, process does grep store lines, change lines, or search only a part of a line. following case, grep will print every line that does not contain the string "boo," and A regular expression is a compact way of describing complex patterns in text. Grep is a powerful tool that can help you work with text files, and it gets even more powerful when you become comfortable using regular expressions. Technical Description grep searches the named input FILE s (or standard input if no files are named, or if a single dash (" - ") is given as the file name) for lines containing a match to the