PHP MySQL - Undefined Index in Edit Data

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I make file details.php that show list of data from MySQL, and I make edit.php for it. When I click edit.php it's automatically go to edit.php?id=detailsid (it works) but when I click submit on edit data, it's nothing changed and error.

This is my Edit.php

    <form method="post" action="editdata.php">
          include 'config.php';
          $sqlTampil="select * from data_korban Where kasus_id=$id"; 

This is some of my HTML form

    <input type="DATE" name="tanggal" size="20" value="<?php echo $dataTampil['tanggal']; ?>">
    <input type="text" name="namakorban" size="40" value="<?php echo $dataTampil['namakorban']; ?>">
    <input type="text" name="umurkorban" size="5" value="<?php echo $dataTampil['umurkorban']; ?>">

<input type="submit" name="submit" value="SUBMIT">

When I click Submit it's automatically call editdata.php but there is no change on my MySQL row ..

This is my editdata.php

include "config.php";

$tanggal = $_POST['tanggal'];
$namakorban = $_POST['namakorban'];
$umurkorban = $_POST['umurkorban'];

$update = "UPDATE data_korban SET tanggal='$tanggal', namakorban='$namakorban', umurkorban='$umurkorban' WHERE kasus_id = '$id'";

$hasil = mysql_query($update);

if ($hasil) 
    echo "<center>Update Success<center>"; 
    echo "<center><h3><a href=pencarian.php>Back Tampil Data</a></h3></center>"; 

There is something in my Error_Log

PHP Notice:  Undefined index:  id in /home/lombokdi/public_html/dbanak/editdata.php on line 4 ------ it's $id=$_GET['id'];

I have change to $_POST['id']; it's still error.

It's because you don't have the filed "id" if you switch to editdata.php

add: <input type="hidden" name="id" value="<?php $_GET['id']; ?>"> to your form in Edit.php

and replace $id=$_GET['id']; with $id= $_POST['id']; in editdata.php.

Undefined index id in PHP - PHP, Hello, I am new in PHP and I am trying to build a simple app using PHP and MySQL. With CRUD. I can insert the post on the database with edit  $ _POST or $ _GET are two special PHP functions that are used to get variables from a user-filled form. While using these functions, a user may encounter an error, stating that there is an undefined index.

Your form does not seem to include the id named field.

And you are trying to read the non existing field from the request. Request is formed to send data over post method but you tried to read id parameter using get method. As the value for id is not found, a null is used in where clause and that affected no rows updated.

$tanggal = $_POST['tanggal'];
$namakorban = $_POST['namakorban'];
$umurkorban = $_POST['umurkorban'];

the value for ID is $id=$_GET['id']; ... id come from detail.php?id=24 (example) go to edit.php?id=24 .. If I'm wrong, how to set the ID ??

In edit.php add id named element to the form with value read from the request. And on submitting the form, id goes to editdata.php page.

<input type="DATE" name="tanggal" size="20" value="<?php echo $dataTampil['tanggal']; ?>">
<input type="hidden" name="id" value="<?php echo $id['id']; ?>">
<input type="text" name="namakorban" size="40" value="<?php echo $dataTampil['namakorban']; ?>">
<input type="text" name="umurkorban" size="5" value="<?php echo $dataTampil['umurkorban']; ?>">

And in editdata.php: Change:




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Try like this

$sql=mysqli_query($con,"Update client set nama='$nama',instansi='$instansi',telepon='$telepon',email='$email' where id = '".$_GET['id']."'");
        $msg="Your Client updated Successfully";

for after body add this query

$sql=mysqli_query($con,"select * from client where id = '".$_GET['id']."'");

Notice: Undefined Index. How do I define the index?, name. It is also a major security risk with register_globals turned on. Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in \index.php on line 5 Solutions: Check the value of offset array with function isset() & empty() , and use array_key_exists() function to check if key exist or not.

You are using $_GET to get the id. It is best do var_dump($_REQUEST);

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