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I have a list of objects and multiple drop-downs. I want to display the data from the list. But my problem is that I didn't want to have something like this:

For example: I don't want to have in drop-down a file name for two times :


I want to have only: file1, file2, file3

This is my controller where I put the list in model

public String filterFunctionality(Model model) {
    model.addAttribute("misraMessages", misraMessagesService.findAllMisraMessagesFromDb());
    return "functionality";

And after in html I do this:

 <!-- Filter File Name-->
        <div class="form-group row">
            <label for="fileName" class="col-sm-2 col-form-label">File Name</label>
            <div class="col-sm-10">
                <select class="form-control"  name="file_name" id="fileName">
                    <option th:value="0" text="Please Select"></option>
                    <option  th:each = "misra : ${misraMessages}"

<!-- Filter Message Number-->
        <div class="form-group row">
            <label for="messageNumber" class="col-sm-2 col-form-label">Message Number</label>
            <div class="col-sm-10">
                <select class="form-control"  name="message_number" id="messageNumber">
                    <option th:value="0" text="Please Select"></option>
                    <option  th:each = "misra : ${misraMessages}"

Its always better not to bring in duplicates to memory if that is causing issues and duplicate removal is needed.

So instead of using repository method - misraMessagesRepository.findAll(); , you need to write a new method in that repository which returns DISTINCT results and use that method in DAO.

@Query("SELECT DISTINCT * FROM MESSAGES_TABLE" , nativeQuery = true)
List<MisraMessages> findDistinctMessages();

You haven't shown your repository so I used dummy table name. Show your repository code and Entity details if still confused and need better answer.

Unique Data Validation Drop-Down From Duplicate Table Data , We want the drop-down list to contain a unique list of reps from the table. -​ to dynamically adjust as the number of PivotTable items change. now in sheet 1. B2 -> Press Alt-A-V-V-Allow-List-on source press F3-> choose dropdown which was you created as name manger. Check the attached fiel. Attached Files. A drop down list with no duplicates.xlsx‎ (21.1 KB, 10 views) Download. Register To Reply.

Well I expect that misraMessagesService.findAllMisraMessagesFromDb() is returning list of String. So you can do something like this if you don't want to change your findAllMisraMessagesFromDb() method:

List<String> messages = misraMessagesService.findAllMisraMessagesFromDb();
Set<String> uniqueMsgs = new HashSet<String>(messages);

or you can also create a new method in misraMessagesRepository:

@Query("SELECT DISTINCT name FROM MisraMessages")
public List<MisraMessages> findDistinctMisraMessagesFromDb();

either of the two will work.

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Never go for JAVA way to do the same because it is simply double processing time.

I would avoid processing in Java level code as it is easily possible by query level.

Just use Select distinct keyword and it works like a charm..!!

Keep it simple.

Excel Formula - Extract unique items for drop-down list, The COUNTIF function counts previous values above to make sure that no duplicates are displayed. If no values in previous cells above are  Well I expect that misraMessagesService.findAllMisraMessagesFromDb() is returning list of String. So you can do something like this if you don't want to change your findAllMisraMessagesFromDb() method: List<String> messages = misraMessagesService.findAllMisraMessagesFromDb(); Set<String> uniqueMsgs = new HashSet<String>(messages);

Convert your List into Set. It will remove your duplicates then put into model.

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  • There are several ways to eliminate duplicates. You could even try to eliminate them in your database query, maybe using the DISTINCT keyword. You could as well eliminate them in the method misraMessagesService.findAllMisraMessagesFromDb() using Java. What do you prefer? How does the method look?
  • It is simple : @Override public List<MisraMessages> findAllMisraMessagesFromDb() { return misraMessagesRepository.findAll(); }
  • Then have a look at the database query. You should be able to eliminate duplicates there. See the answers given below.
  • I did like you told me but I received this error : Validation failed for query for method public abstract java.util.List com.cidashboard.repositories.MisraMessagesRepository.findDistinctMessages()!
  • I need to annotate the entity with @NamedNativeQuery(name = ... ) ?
  • @Alexandra : I updated answer with nativeQuery = true . Try that.