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$est_data = Establishments::where('status',0)->where('city','=',$data['location'])->get(array('id'));
return $est_data;



This is my above laravel condition and result, i want the result to be like 43,71,41,39. Can anyone please help me, how can be this done using php. i tried with implode() function, but getting error, please help...thank you

Laravel pluck method will select required fields only:

$est_data = Establishments::where('status',0)->where('city','=',$data['location'])->pluck('id');
return $est_data;

As commented by @apokryfos for your laravel version (4.2) lists method should be used, so it is:

$est_data = Establishments::where('status',0)->where('city','=',$data['location'])->lists('id');
return $est_data;

Convert multiple array into a string in laravel, Convert multiple array into a string in laravel. Posted 1 year ago by Chitrasen. $​est_data = Establishments::where('status',0)->where('city','='  How to Rolling Back Migrations in laravel-7 How to rollback and re-run all of your migrations in laravel-7 How to generate a model, migration, and controller in laravel

You can use the laravel array_flatten() array helper:

The array_flatten function flattens a multi-dimensional array into a single level array:

$array = array('name' => 'Joe', 'languages' => array('PHP', 'Ruby'));

$array = array_flatten($array);

// array('Joe', 'PHP', 'Ruby');

In your case:

$est_data = Establishments::where('status',0)->where('city','=',$data['location'])->pluck('id');
return array_flatten($est_data);

How to Convert PHP Arrays to Strings, Convert PHP Arrays to Strings. PHP's implode function returns a string consisting of array element values joined using a string that you specify: $ar = ['apple'  Array to string and String to Array in laravel?? Posted 2 years ago by Shawdow Since I am new to Laravel little confused about array to string and string to array conversion Can I Covert below examples as i asked??

$result = implode(',',$est_data[0]);

This will solve your problem. You should read about implode(convert to string) and explode (string to array). They are really useful php functions.

Reading your comment, your error is coming from the fact that you try to access $set_data and not $set_data[0] where you values are based on the output you provided us.

Helper Functions - Laravel, The array_dot function flattens a multi-dimensional array into a single level array that uses "dot" Strings. camel_case. Convert the given string to camelCase . Hey, Sometimes, we require to convert object to string value, but it's need to very rare case. But if you require to convert laravel eloquent object then you can do it using "(string)".

Use the php array_column function, specifying the id:

$est_data = Establishments::where('status',0)->where('city','=',$data['location'])->pluck('id');
return array_column("id", $est_data);

Convert multiple array into a string in laravel, You should read about implode(convert to string) and explode (string to array). They are really useful php functions. Reading your comment, your error is coming​  To convert a model and its loaded relationships to an array, you should use the toArray method. This method is recursive, so all attributes and all relations (including the relations of relations) will be converted to arrays:

Convert Array to String in PHP, There are two ways to convert an array into a string in PHP. Using implode() function; Using json_encode() function. Using implode() Function. By  Fluent strings provide a more fluent, object-oriented interface for working with string values, allowing you to chain multiple string operations together using a more readable syntax compared to traditional string operations.

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PHP array_flatten() function. Convert a multi-dimensional array into , Your example doesn't work with an associative array. The error "Cannot unpack array with string keys" is thrown. Insert array values into database in laravel Posted 2 years ago by jsanwo64. I have 3 different questions those are coming from database randomly. Now I want to

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  • Welcome. "but getting error" What would that error be?
  • Possible duplicate of How to Flatten a Multidimensional Array?
  • $est_data = Establishments::where('status',0)->where('city','=',$data['location'])->get(array('id')); return $implode = implode(' ',$est_data); Showing error, invalid argument passed
  • In pluck its getting only first single value, but not getting all...thank you '
  • Sorry, I thought pluck is only supported in QueryBuilder not EloquentBuilder. Just checked, both supports pluck
  • As mentioned in the question comments pluck was called lists in laravel 4.2 and confusingly laravel 4.2 also had a function called pluck which is now called value so the logic here is sound but the question should have had the correct laravel version mentioned
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  • Thank u, i tried with the same as u told, but Still i am getting the same result as [{"id":43},{"id":71},{"id":41},{"id":39}]