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can i add database table in my Laravel application by creating model file and database in phpmyadmin manually? Will everything work fine? Thanks in advance.

Reason: My application is already hosted in the net and i don't know how to execute artisan commands in cpanel.

Yes you can add database table to your laravel application using model and migrations. Please refer this :

Database: Migrations - Laravel, The migration will be placed in your database/migrations folder, and will contain the name of the table, and whether the migration will be creating a new table: laravel. database. artisan. In the Terminal or command line, navigate to your Laravel installation. Then enter the following: $ php artisan migrate:make <tablename plural>. where <tablename plural> is the plural form of the name of your soon-to-be database table. So if your table is for user records then type users.

When a production environment doesn't allow artisan commands, you can pull the production database down, run the migrations locally, and then upload the database back.

Alternatively, you definitely can create your tables manually, but it's quite helpful to use migrations. They allow you to avoid manually adding tables in each environment -- less room for errors.

I'd recommend Laravel Valet to get things running locally if you have a Mac. It's quite simple to use.

Schema Builder - Laravel, The database configuration file is app/config/database.php . Sometimes you may wish to use one database connection for SELECT statements, and another for INSERT, The rest of the database options for the read and write connections will be merged from the main mysql array. DB::statement('drop table users');  The up method is used to add new tables, columns, or indexes to your database, while the down method should reverse the operations performed by the up method. Within both of these methods you may use the Laravel schema builder to expressively create and modify tables.

Yes But when two or more programmers are writing together, they are not recommended. GIT can help us better. Even in the database context

Migrations & Seeding - Laravel, After creating a new SQLite database using a command such as touch Laravel makes this a breeze, and the proper connections will always be used whether you are using raw DB::statement('drop table users'); You don't need to worry about manually rolling back or committing while using the transaction method: Can someone tell me how I can add a table (via artisan), to a pre-existing database. Can this be done without the database being re-created? I would like to add a table without losing data that I already have in other tables.

Yes, add what columns you need in Schema::create method of the table and then add columns manually to database as migration create them and its works!

Basic Database Usage - Laravel, attributes for that table.!?? Is it possible in laravel using MYSQL as my database. In the sense I have to manually do it by using the terminal. Please is it possible to Then in your code, you can add a column to a table with Introduction. Laravel makes interacting with databases extremely simple across a variety of database backends using either raw SQL, the fluent query builder, and the Eloquent ORM. Currently, Laravel supports four databases: MySQL 5.6+ ( Version Policy) PostgreSQL 9.4+ ( Version Policy) SQLite 3.8.8+.

if you import a table to your database ,for access it with a model first create related model ,for example if you import the car table ,create car model in terminal then in your model


namespace App;

use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model;

class Car extends Model
    protected $table = 'car';

with protected $table = 'car' you attach the car table to car model , and you're done

Database: Getting Started - Laravel, How can I work with the database without using laravel migration because I want to import a database ready create tables manually also. Now that we have our requirements for our Laravel e-commerce application, we are ready to get started with actually developing the application. (Finally!) We will use the powerful Laravel "migrations" feature to create our database tables and relationships.

How to create a new table and desired attributes and 'model for that , You can manage your Laravel 5 application's entire database structure using With migrations, you no longer have to manually manage updates to your database. update to your database — maybe you add a new column to a table — and,  Within the run method, you may insert data into your database however you wish. You may use the query builder to manually insert data or you may use Eloquent model factories. {tip} Mass assignment protection is automatically disabled during database seeding.

Database without migration, Here's how to use multiple database connections within Laravel 4. configuration file - likely app/config/database.php - you can define more than one database Be careful about attempting to build relationships with tables across databases! {note} Currently, pagination operations that use a groupBy statement cannot be executed efficiently by Laravel. If you need to use a groupBy with a paginated result set, it is recommended that you query the database and create a paginator manually.

Managing Your Database With Laravel 5 Migrations – Self-Taught , Laravel Multiple Guards Authentication: Setup and Login First thing we will do is add the database credentials to the .env file: These fields are same as the users table fields but you can

  • Yes it works, but its bad practice if you have multiple people working on that project
  • Yes you can, but read this first…
  • You can but that is not recommended. Can you please mention why can't you use migrations ?
  • you can do anything manually. there is no restriction about do with only command and everything works fine as well.