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I have created a child themes, set font-family as my desired DejaVu Sans Mono for every html element.

vim /var/www/html/wp-content/themes/twentyfourteen-child/style.css
    font-family:"DejaVu Sans Mono" !important;

I use twentyfourteen-child as my wordpress theme. Every character in edit status is not DejaVu Sans Mono.

Every character in post is DejaVu Sans Mono after published.

How can i set the font-family as DejaVu Sans Mono when editing post?

You could use your browser developer tools, to see the actual file for the stylesheet. You only edited the stylesheet for the theme - so only applying to the frontend of your website!

On my wordpress system I got the url for the stylesheet you need. It is:

There you can possibly find something like

.wp-editor-area {
    font-family: Consolas,Monaco,monospace;

Change that to

.wp-editor-area {
    font-family:"DejaVu Sans Mono" !important;

If you want to change the styles for the backend you can also have a look at the stylesheets in /wp-includes/ and /wp-admin/ .

Please keep in mind, that those changes are back to normal after any updates.

Hope it helps!

Change page title font size & color – Apostrophe 2, How do I change the font in a WordPress post? Don’t forget to save/update the post! At the time of writing, you’ll have access to 17 font families. This includes a variety of basic system fonts including classic serifs like Times New Roman, and sans-serif Helvetica. WordPress fonts updated. With the help of TinyMCE Advanced, changing fonts in WordPress posts and pages is easy.

if you change /var/www/html/wp-content/themes/twentyfourteen-child/style.css this file that's will be implemented only on your theme file. your font-family attribute works only on theme folder related file.

so how can you deal admin panel css?

step 1

You can place the CSS file wherever you'd like; I've chosen to place the CSS file within my theme. My admin CSS file looks like:

    font-family:"DejaVu Sans Mono" !important;

How To Change Font In WordPress (Font Color, Size, And Type), How do I change the font on my WordPress page title? Changing font family and font size can be difficult for some WordPress users as no options are provided in Post Editor to apply custom font to selective text and change its size as required without making changes to remaining text in posts and pages. Although, text color can be changed easily through ‘Visual’ editor and any part of written text can be highlighted or underlined through the

There is simple solution to change editor styles . Add this in functions.php:

function myFunc123( $settings ) {
    $settings['content_style'] .= 'body#tinymce {font-family: DejaVu Sans Mono;}'; return $settings;
add_filter( 'tiny_mce_before_init', 'myFunc123' );

How to Change the Font in a WordPress Post, , style, and size. You will see the changes instantly. Click 'Save & Publish' to save your changes. The WordPress visual editor is probably the area where most people / website owners spend most of their time. As you must have realized, WordPress does NOT have a built-in font size drop down that enables font size changes or font family changes within the editor.

How To Change Your Fonts in WordPress, How do I change the font of my text block in WordPress? Learn how to change the fonts (color, size, family, etc.) in your WordPress theme or any theme out there. If you have any questions or need help changing the fonts of your theme, please post in

Custom Fonts – Support, You could use your browser developer tools, to see the actual file for the stylesheet. You only edited the stylesheet for the theme - so only  There are so many ways to customize and change the default WordPress system that it is difficult to know what you’re running and what you’re seeing. So, please, try to be as specific as possible, with exact wording, and if you can post screenshots on imgur and post the links here, then that will help us help you immensely.

How to Change WordPress Fonts, Learn how to change the font of any text in a post or page. However, if you want to alter the font of particular text in a post, keep reading. find a new set of options added to the editor including the font family drop-down. A WordPress theme designer can choose specific fonts for specific areas of a theme. To change fonts for a WordPress theme, you’ll need to identify the CSS script that is rendering font for that specific area (header, footer, body, etc.) If you plan to use an entirely new font, you’ll need to do some pre-coding via the @font-face rule.