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I'm trying to use SourceTree for a class that I'm teaching. In order to do that we need to install SourceTree onto the school's Windows computers.

When we try to install SourceTree (Version it demands an Atlassian account before it will start. Obviously this is wrong - since we're trying to install SourceTree onto a shared computer (into a VM, to be specific) we don't have just one account (and, on top of that, we're using SourceTree with GitLab, not BitBucket/Atlassian, so we don't need their account anyways).

Is it possible to install SourceTree but skip the 'create an Atlassian account' step during the install process?

(We'd be ok with having the students create accounts later on, when they first start using it - we just don't want all the students to share a single BitBucket account by default)

I don't think SourceTree allows to install without using an Atlassian Account. I've also tried and couldn't make it.

Have a look at Github Desktop, I think it allows not to configure an account

(I also prefer the UI from what I've seen - CLI still rules)

Edit: keep in mind that's easier for the students to google by themselves solutions to problems with git using the CLI than using UI apps

Install SourceTree without an Atlassian account?, I don't think SourceTree allows to install without using an Atlassian Account. I've also tried and couldn't make it. Have a look at Github Desktop,  Welcome to the Atlassian Community. The Atlassian ID option was removed as of release 3.0.8, so the only way to install it using an Atlassian ID is to download an older version of Sourcetree, register it and then you can upgrade to the latest version.

Yes it is quite possible.

  1. Uninstall the standard sourcetree version before step 2
  2. Use Sourcetree for Windows Enterprise version with this json hack (thanks @wow qing 's comment)
  3. Create a file %LocalAppData%\Atlassian\SourceTree\accounts.json and put the following data in it:

{ "$id": "1", "$type": "SourceTree.Api.Host.Identity.Model.IdentityAccount, SourceTree.Api.Host.Identity", "Authenticate": true, "HostInstance": { "$id": "2", "$type": "SourceTree.Host.Atlassianaccount.AtlassianAccountInstance, SourceTree.Host.AtlassianAccount", "Host": { "$id": "3", "$type": "SourceTree.Host.Atlassianaccount.AtlassianAccountHost, SourceTree.Host.AtlassianAccount", "Id": "atlassian account" }, "BaseUrl": "" }, "Credentials": { "$id": "4", "$type": "SourceTree.Model.BasicAuthCredentials, SourceTree.Api.Account", "Username": "", "Email": null }, "IsDefault": false }

  1. Manually call it from e.g. C:\Program Files\Attlassian\SourceTree\Sourcetree.exe (because in my case there was no shortcut created.)

updated , it works with 3.1.2 version

    "$id": "19",
    "$type": "SourceTree.Api.Host.Identity.Model.IdentityAccount, SourceTree.Api.Host.Identity",
    "IsDefault": false,
    "Authenticate": true,
    "HostInstance": {
      "$id": "20",
      "$type": "SourceTree.Host.Bitbucket.BitbucketInstance, SourceTree.Host.Bitbucket",
      "Host": {
        "$id": "21",
        "$type": "SourceTree.Host.Bitbucket.BitbucketHost, SourceTree.Host.Bitbucket",
        "Id": "bitbucket"
      "BaseUrl": "",
      "Protocol": "HTTPS"
    "Credentials": {
      "$id": "22",
      "$type": "SourceTree.Api.Account.OAuth.TwoZero.OAuthTwoZeroCredentials, SourceTree.Api.Account.OAuth.TwoZero",
      "AuthenticationScheme": {
        "$type": "SourceTree.Api.Account.OAuth.TwoZero.OAuthTwoZeroBearerAuthenticationScheme, SourceTree.Api.Account.OAuth.TwoZero",
        "Name": "OAuth",
        "Description": "OAuth",
        "HeaderValuePrefix": "Bearer",
        "UsernameIsRequired": false
      "Id": "",
      "Username": "",
      "DisplayName": null,
      "Email": "",
      "AvatarURL": null,
      "EmailHash": ""

Install Sourcetree 3 (Windows) without Bitbucket C, Prevents me from using Sourcetree. Entirely. Prevents. I don't want a Bitbucket Cloud account. "You can connect additional accounts such as Github [etc] once  However, as part of the installation process you're required to register Sourcetree with your Atlassian account. This is only asked at the beginning and you don't need to use it anymore, so you could create a dummy one and then connect Sourcetree to your Bitbucket account following the steps at Connect your Bitbucket or Github account

Hot to install Sourcetree without Bitbucket account, I don't want use Bitbucket. I want use Sourcetree for local repositary. How can I install software without opening account? Except that it doesn't. The last few times I tried to install SourceTree 3.x, it asked me to register at Bitbucket, for which I already had an account registered via a previous attempt. When logging in, the installer refused to continue, waiting for some magic to happen, without providing feedback.

Can confirm that SourceTree V does NOT require an account... so this is why I hit never update for an old version on my other computer ;)

I am not 100% sure if that is the latest version that still has this feature, but works for my purposes.

Solved: Trying to install Sourcetree. No Atlassian Accou, Solved: We just want to use Sourcetree. Last month, we could sign up with an Atlassian account. This month, it is requiring a bitbucket account, The intention is to make it as straightforward a possible, but at the same time registration via Bitbucket is the one requirement for using Sourcetree for free. You must be a registered user to add a comment.

How to skip bitbucket registration when installing sourcetree?

The first step is to run SourceTreeSetup-3.1.3.exe and close it after popping up the registration interface.

The second step is to open the %LocalAppData%\Atlassian directory, find accounts.json and user.config, and replace them with the files I provided.




Can sourcetree be used without atlassian account, , When you install sourcetree on mac, you have to enter an atlassian account. I dont have/need/want an atlassian account (currently at least). How to install SourceTree v1.6.4 for Windows. This gist shows how to install SourceTree without having to login to an Atlassian account. Later versions of SourceTree after v1.6.4 require a login to an Atlassian account.

Install SourceTree without Internet connection, 8.3 and try to set it up on a virtual machine without Internet connection but I cannot get through Log in to your Atlassian account. See pic. Q: Is  Install Sourcetree. Go to the Sourcetree website and click the download button. From the ZIP file you download, click the application file (EXE for Windows or DMG for Mac) to download. After you install, you'll have to agree to the Atlassian Customer Agreement and hit Continue. You need an Atlassian account to use Sourcetree.

How to skip login while installing, When I install SourceTree, it asks me to login. but the login page is loading forever, I cannot login, so I Can you log in to without issues? Therefore, the installer of the SourceTree (2.4.8), which needs to login to an Atlassian account, will not work for this kind of environment. Does Atlassian have any workaround for corporate users to install the "full package" (not just a web downloader and installer) of SourceTree without needing to access Internet and register the product

Install and set up Sourcetree, Install Sourcetree. Step-by-step instructions for installation. View topic · Connect your Bitbucket or Github account. If you want to add remote repositories, you  Install Sourcetree. Step-by-step instructions for installation. Connect your Bitbucket or Github account. If you want to add remote repositories, you need to connect to your hosting service. Clone a remote repository. If you have remote repositories, you'll want a copy of them on your computer. Create a local repository.