What causes "Unable to access jarfile" error?

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I want to execute my program without using an IDE. I've created a jar file and an exectuable jar file. When I double click the exe jar file, nothing happens, and when I try to use the command in cmd it gives me this:

Error: Unable to access jarfile <path>

I use the command: java -jar Calculator.jar

How I created the jar:

  1. Right click on project folder (Calculator)
  2. Select
  3. Click on Java Folder and select "Exectuable Jar File", then select next
  4. Launch Configuration: Main - Calculator
  5. Create Export Destination
  6. Hit "Finish" and profit! Well, not really.

I had encountered this issue when I had run my Jar file as

java -jar TestJar

instead of

java -jar TestJar.jar

Missing the extension .jar also causes this issue.

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I just placed it in a different folder and it worked.

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[Possibly Windows only]

Beware of spaces in the path, even when your jar is in the current working directory. For example, for me this was failing:

java -jar myjar.jar

I was able to fix this by givng the full, quoted path to the jar:

java -jar "%~dp0\myjar.jar" 

Credit goes to this answer for setting me on the right path....

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I had this issue under CygWin in Windows. I have read elsewhere that Java does not understand the CygWin paths (/cygdrive/c/some/dir instead of C:\some\dir) - so I used a relative path instead: ../../some/dir/sbt-launch.jar.

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Just came across the same problem trying to make a bad USB...

I tried to run this command in admin cmd

java -jar c:\fw\ducky\duckencode.jar -I c:\fw\ducky\HelloWorld.txt  -o c:\fw\ducky\inject.bin

But got this error:

Error: unable to access jarfile c:\fw\ducky\duckencode.jar


1st step

Right click the jarfile in question. Click properties. Click the unblock tab in bottom right corner. The file was blocked, because it was downloaded and not created on my PC.

2nd step

In the cmd I changed the directory to where the jar file is located.

cd C:\fw\ducky\

Then I typed dir and saw the file was named duckencode.jar.jar

So in cmd I changed the original command to reference the file with .jar.jar

java -jar c:\fw\ducky\duckencode.jar.jar -I c:\fw\ducky\HelloWorld.txt  -o c:\fw\ducky\inject.bin

That command executed without error messages and the inject.bin I was trying to create was now located in the directory.

Hope this helps.

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  • Sounds like the Jar is corrupt in some way, possibly missing the Manifest entry.
  • You should show how you created the JARs, what's in them and how you try to run the program. The Java code is irrelevant here.
  • Have you tried relaunching elcipse and recompiling? Sometimes Eclipse has does some strange things that can be avoided by relaunching.
  • I find the code difficult to read and think about. And what's the point of having everything in a static main function and having a single instance method to clear the console?
  • I have no answers to my problem, i answered it myself, and there is no way to show my appreciation in the comments, other than thanking them via reply. Please Reread your comment.
  • This is the correct answer. The .jar extension must be appended to the jar file name.
  • It's not always the correct answer, I'm appending it and it doesn't work.
  • In my case I thought it was a file while it was a folder on the console. The jar file was in a folder that has the same name.
  • Can someone explain why this happened?
  • Sounds like it could have been a file permissions issue, however total guess.
  • I had a similar issue on WIndows, using cygwin. So cygwin uses different paths than windows /cygdrive/c/ vs C:\ I fixed this by using realpath --relative-to=$(pwd) path/to/jarfile So it will always enforce a relative path iso using /cygdrive/c/.../path/to/jarfile
  • I had the same problem, with my jar too, i accidentally mistyped the path of the jar