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How can I select all records from the last week ( starting from Monday last week) ?

I am trying to use

yearweek() in my sql query but i was only able to select this week records

Here is a way to do it. First we need to get the last week Monday from current date, so we can use the following technique

Below will always give the Monday of the current week

mysql> select date_sub(curdate(), interval weekday(curdate()) day) as d ;
| d          |
| 2016-09-19 |

Now to get the Monday of the last week we can adjust the above as

mysql> select date_sub(date_sub(curdate(), interval weekday(curdate()) day), interval 7 day)  as d ;
| d          |
| 2016-09-12 |

And finally to retrieve the data we can do as

select * from your_table
date_column >= date_sub(date_sub(curdate(), interval weekday(curdate()) day), interval 7 day)

Best is to handle the date calculation i.e. last week Monday on application level and then pass the value to the query.

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The YEARWEEK operator takes an mode option that lets you start the week on Monday. Then just query for the YEARWEEK of NOW() minus 1


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Not seeing you table structe, start with this and adjust to your needs

WHERE date >= curdate() - INTERVAL DAYOFWEEK( curdate() )+ 7 DAY

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  • Sorry I was lost in the example can you make it more clean. can you give me on query ?
  • I use the last example and I got the total recoreds form last week and this week .. I only need to select from the last week
  • Please provide some sample data and expected result.. and I only need to select from the last week is it from last week Monday till Saturday or Monday till Sunday ?
  • Monday till Sunday. from 12-9 till 18-9 I have 200 record from 19-9 till 21-9(today) I have 100 record when I use your query I get 300 record, I should get 200 instead
  • Just change the where condition as where date_column between date_sub(date_sub(curdate(), interval weekday(curdate()) day), interval 7 day) and date_add( date_sub(date_sub(curdate(), interval weekday(curdate()) day), interval 7 day),interval 6 day)
  • thanks but this gives me records from 10 September until today , I need to select only between 12-18 September