Get "usable" window width in vim script

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How do I get the width of 3 (marked with green color in the image) in vim script?

If there is no signs column, and there are no other "special columns", I can get it with

winwidth(0) - (max([len(line('$')), &numberwidth-1]) + 1)

I think, you should be able to get that width using:

:set virtualedit=all
:norm! g$
:echo virtcol('.')

Alternatively, you could check, whether a signcolumn is present (e.g. using redir)

:redir =>a |exe "sil sign place buffer=".bufnr('')|redir end
:let signlist=split(a, '\n')
:let width=winwidth(0) - ((&number||&relativenumber) ? &numberwidth : 0) - &foldcolumn - (len(signlist) > 2 ? 2 : 0)

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Kale's answer corrected one corner case where the number of lines is exceeding what &numberwidth can display. Here I fix another corner case where the signcolumn option is not set to auto

function! BufWidth()
  let width = winwidth(0)
  let numberwidth = max([&numberwidth, strlen(line('$'))+1])
  let numwidth = (&number || &relativenumber)? numberwidth : 0
  let foldwidth = &foldcolumn

  if &signcolumn == 'yes'
    let signwidth = 2
  elseif &signcolumn == 'auto'
    let signs = execute(printf('sign place buffer=%d', bufnr('')))
    let signs = split(signs, "\n")
    let signwidth = len(signs)>2? 2: 0
    let signwidth = 0
  return width - numwidth - foldwidth - signwidth

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My ingo-library plugin has a ingo#window#dimensions#NetWindowWidth() function for that.

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Answering because I can't comment yet:

Christian's answer gives the wrong result in the case that the actual number of lines in the file exceeds &numberwidth (because &numberwidth is just a minimum, as kshenoy pointed out). The fix is pretty simple, though, just take the max() of &numberwidth and the number of digits in the last line in the buffer (plus one to account for the padding vim adds):

redir =>a | exe "silent sign place buffer=".bufnr('') | redir end
let signlist = split(a, '\n')
let lineno_cols = max([&numberwidth, strlen(line('$')) + 1])
return winwidth(0)
            \ - &foldcolumn
            \ - ((&number || &relativenumber) ? lineno_cols : 0)
            \ - (len(signlist) > 2 ? 2 : 0)

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  • I'm gonna go with the second one, the first solution will have visual effect, something you don't want in a script. I will not accept your answer, for now, (but thanks :-) to see if someone can come up with something like editareawidth().
  • There is no such function and it is not needed.
  • @ChristianBrabandt I would not say it is not needed. It is not needed if all you want buffers for is editing some text, but not if you want to have some interface there. Though just sane scripting interface for signs would be enough.
  • @ZyX As an author of several plugins that use the sign feature, I agree, one needs a better VimL integration. I even wrote patches for that. But not for having a editareawidth function
  • Its possible to have &numberwidth non-zero while no number column is being displayed. In the second snippet, one should probably replace &numberwidth with something like ((&l:number || &l:relativenumber) ? &numberwidth : 0).