Error: Failed to parse a schema by xjc in case of xs:choice

I'm want to generate java classes from a schema using jaxb, but I am getting a parsing error from xjc. I have 2 elements wrapped in a choice then one of the element is again repeated just after choice:

<xs:element name="A">
      <xs:sequence maxOccurs="unbounded">
        <xs:element ref="X"/>
        <xs:element ref="Y"/>
      <xs:element ref="Y"/>

jaxb is throwing:

[ERROR] Element "{*something*}Y" shows up in more than one properties.
 line *something* of file:/*something*.xsd

PS: my jaxb version is 2.1.13

Take a look at this post on SO. The solution is to provide a custom binding file that maps your Y outside the choice to use another property name.

I would probably also map the recurring sequence to a class with two properties (X and Y), but that's something else.

I've also tried a test schema (derived from yours, just added dummy complex elements for X and Y) with version 7.1 of the free NetBeans IDE and it worked out without any need for a custom binding file. The JAXB version that I've used is 2.2.4

java, I'm want to generate java classes from a schema using jaxb, but I am getting a parsing error from xjc. I have 2 elements wrapped in a choice then one of the  Failed to parse a schema. This message: [ Message body] [ More options (top, bottom) ] Related messages: [ Next message] [ Previous message] [ Next in thread] [ Replies] Contemporary messages sorted: [ by date] [ by thread] [ by subject] [ by author] [ by messages with attachments]

I've also tried to make it work as Petru described. Rahul hasn't posted his solution so here my bindings file.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


    <jaxb:bindings schemaLocation="test.xsd" node="//xs:element[@name='A']/xs:complexType/xs:choice[1]">
        <jaxb:property name="OutsideY"/>

XJC output:

$xjc -version
xjc version "JAXB 2.1.10 in JDK 6"
JavaTM Architecture for XML Binding(JAXB) Reference Implementation, (build JAXB 2.1.10 in JDK 6)

$xjc -p com.example.test -d src -extension -b bindings.xml test.xsd
parsing a schema...
compiling a schema...

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Maybe someone will read this: org.jvnet.jaxb2_commons . jaxb2-basics is not working on references ! I have really tried many ways to make this plugin work, and you just can't. (It is also mentioned on github page)

@Stanislav Mamontov helped me a lot.

If somebody is curious, this also works for groups:


<xsd:group name="OpticalID">
      <xsd:group ref="MPCID"/>
      <xsd:element ref="trkSub" minOccurs="0"/>
      <xsd:element ref="trkSub"/>


<jaxb:bindings node="xsd:group[@name='OpticalID']//xsd:sequence[1]/xsd:choice[1]/xsd:sequence[1]/xsd:element[@ref='trkSub']">
    <jaxb:property name="trkSubOrNull"/>

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  • Is your version of JAXB a "must" requirement? Can you move to the latest? I've tested with the latest available with Java 7 and it works without need to custom binding file.
  • no it is not a must, it's just that i am currently using 2.1.13 & in any slim case if it was a version issue of some kind, so just clearing things out.
  • i am sorry, but the jaxb version is not changeable. and i am still unable to get the binding to work! help!
  • i have to use 2.1.13 and cannot change the version now. and i am still facing problems with the binding, i tried to pack the sequence inside the choice in a class, but only complexType can be put inside a class. also there is no use of binding property name with different name <jaxb:bindings node="-XPath-"> <jaxb:property name="OutsideY"/> </jaxb:bindings> it is not giving any errors while reading the binding file, but not doing anything with it also! and i am sure that i have no XPath issue.
  • @Petru, Could you please confirm if this works in JAXB 2.2.4 ? because I tried above schema and it shows error of [ERROR] cos-nonambig:. I use xjc 2.2.4-2
  • EDIT: I see I use maxoccurs in all elements. Its ok. thanks