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The rest of my team will make for my application a simple non-standard USB microphone, but until they finish it I will have to emulate it, for integration testing purposes.

  1. Is there any risk in a physical loopback? Yes there is
  2. Will a physical loopback work? Only with a USB bridge
  3. There is any way to create a logical loopback? (MSDN has something about this)
  4. There is any general purpose USB emulator software?

In case there is many options available I'd rather work it .NET/Matlab/Python solutions.

Edit: Proof of concept here

I strongly recommend this project, USB IP. It is a way of connecting USB devices over the network. There is a Windows client.

What this means is, you install the client on your Windows computer. This device then expects to talk to a USB device connected to a Linux computer, the server:

What you now do, is either create a fake device driver for Linux, that looks like is connected to a physical USB device, but in reality is just logic pretending to be your USB device. There are tutorials for writing USB drivers for Linux. Or you create your own stub driver for the Device Control Manager (see picture above). This stub driver could run on Windows or Linux, it wouldn't matter. It could even run on the same Windows machine which is the USB client.

The DSF USB Loopback Device mentioned in the question itself, would be the same kind of solution as a stub driver for the Device Control Manager, but taking Linux out of the picture altogether.

Architecture of USB Device Emulation (UDE), The section describes architecture of USB Device Emulation(UDE) that emulates the behavior of a USB host controller and a connected device. The upper edge communicates with both WDF and UDE class extension using USB constructs. Its lower edge communicates with the hardware using the hardware’s interface. Custom hardware: For example, a PCI hardware can be emulated to work as a USB device.

You can write virtual USB device using QEMU. You can duplicate already existing device, like the dev-serial.c found in this QEMU repository and change it for your needs. After you write and compile your USB device you can simply attach it to your VM using the QEMU command line interface.

Overview of developing Windows drivers for emulated USB devices , This section describes USB emulated device (UDE) support in the Windows operating system, for developing an emulated Universal Serial Bus  USB separates the host from the device: there is one host, connected to multiple devices. The host initiates all traffic and schedules it on the USB bus. The host initiates all traffic and

If you want to emulate keyboard or mouse you don't need to proof of concept or virtual usb device You can just install pyautogui to python For python 2:

pip install pyautogui

For python 3:

pip3 install pyautogui

And use it like this:

import pyautogui
pyautogui.typewrite("hello from pyautogui")

Emulate USB device with USB host, I found the Facedancer board, which looks interesting. It contains a FTDI, a microcontroler, and a MAX3421E USB controler, and allows you to  But even if that works, you still have to set up or adapt device drivers on your PC in such a way that they (1) accept the incoming USB/IP connection as a USB connection, (2) provide USB slave-mode rather than USB host-mode, (3) simulate a USB mass storage device by serving the data from the assigned location (your .vdi file).

PC as USB device emulator, Would it be possible for a PC to emulate a USB device? Specifically, I am interested in making a host _think_ that it is connected to a USB  Test the device when it is attached to a USB 2.0 and 3.0 hubs in the MUTT Pack and SuperMUTT Pack devices, respectively. Windows Hardware Lab Kit Tests for USB The Windows Hardware Lab Kit (HLK) tests can be used for additional testing of Systems, USB host controllers, hubs, and devices.

How to emulate a virtual USB drive in Windows?, If the solution may cost anything, you can use a lan attached usb hub (like digi anywhere from You can attach any usb devices over the lan (​even  In this example I showed how to emulate HID mouse device. This code can be easily changed to support any usb device. This code is very experimental, use with care.

Is there software to fully emulate a USB hard drive?, IMDISK, a freeware tool from LTR Data, should do what you want it to. It can mount raw hard drive images, including VHD files, and images in many other  In this example I showed how to emulate HID mouse device. This code can be easily changed to support any usb device. This code is very experimental, use with care.