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I have a table in SQL Server with some null values in column "date":

platform   date         id
web        2018-10-10   1
mob                     1
mob                     1
web        2018-10-15   2
mob                     2
ntl        2018-10-09   3
web        2018-10-12   3
web        2018-10-11   4
mob                     3

I want to update null values in 'date' for 'mob' platform by matching the 'id' column from platform 'web'. The result should look like this:

platform   date         id
web        2018-10-10   1
mob        2018-10-10   1
mob        2018-10-10   1
web        2018-10-15   2
mob        2018-10-15   2
ntl        2018-10-09   3
web        2018-10-12   3
web        2018-10-11   4
mob        2018-10-12   3

Will really appreciate your help!

You can use an updatable CTE:

with toupdate as (
      select t.*, max(date) over (partition by id) as max_date
      from t
update toupdate
    set date = max_date
    where date is null;

Replace Nulls With Specified Values in SQL Server, In this article we will see the various ways to replace null values in a table Email; Bookmark; Print; Other Artcile In the table we have three columns P_Id, Name, and Gender. Now let's do the same for the Gender column. The ISNULL Function is a built-in function to replace nulls with specified replacement values. To use this function, all you need to do is pass the column name in the first parameter and in the second parameter pass the value with which you want to replace the null value.

update a
SET a.date = b.date
from #test AS a
INNER JOIN (SELECT * FROM #test WHERE platform = 'web') as b on a.id = b.id
WHERE a.date is null

Update the tablename #test as needed.

Replace Null values with values from the same column by matching , UPDATE `table` t1, `table` t2 SET t1.`date` = t2.`date` WHERE t1.id = t2.id AND t1​.platform = 'mob' AND t2.platform = 'web' AND t1.`date` IS  ISNULL () is a T-SQL function that allows you to replace NULL with a specified value of your choice. Here’s a basic query that returns a small result set: SELECT TaskCode AS Result FROM Tasks; Result ------ cat123 null null pnt456 rof789 null. We can see that there are three rows that contain null values. If we didn’t want the null values

A correlated subquery should work

declare @table table (platform char(3), [date] date, id int)
insert into @table

update @table
set date = (select max(date) from @table t2 where t2.id = [@table].id)
where [@table].date is null  

select * from @table

HOW TO REPLACE NULL VALUES WHEN THERE ARE MULTIPLE , Replace Nulls With Specified Values In SQL Server ISNULL() function, CASE all SQL NULL values in multiple columns using Column level WHERE clause? for over 250 different columns I would rather not write individual TSQL scripts in a row with a value from the Replace Null values with data from the same table  Hi Forum, I have data in this format. The userid and the data that this user produces are in the same column (and I can't change that) Id, Machine, Data, Timestamp 1

I would not recommend naming a column date as it's a reserved word, but this will give you the desired result assuming there is only 1 web entry per id.

SET [date] = b.[date]
FROM MyTable a
INNER JOIN MyTable b ON a.id = b.id and b.platform = 'web'
WHERE a.platform = 'mob' AND a.[date] IS NULL

Expert SQL Server 2005 Integration Services, If it can't find a match, an error occurs. You could have also told the transform to redirect rows where it can't find a match to another output, which would be the red For the first derived column name, you will want to replace the NULL values  Yes. Select Add Column and then write an if statement something like this (it is case sensitive) = if [column 1] = null then [column 2] else [column 1] * Matt is a Microsoft MVP (Power BI) and author of the Power BI Book Supercharge Power BI. View solution in original post. Message 2 of 10. Regular Visitor. Re: Replace null values with contents

You can do like

SET [Date] = D
    SELECT ID, MAX([Date]) AS D
    FROM T

db<>fiddle demo

Solved: Replace null values with contents from another col , Solved: Good Morning Is it possible in query editor to replace the null values of one column with the adjcent contents of another column? Many Thanks. The REPLACE () function is often used to correct data in a table. For example, replacing the outdated link with the new one. The following is the syntax: column_name = REPLACE(column_name, 'old_string','new_string') For example, to change the city code of the phone numbers from 916 to 917, you use the following statement: sales.customers.

Different ways to replace NULL in sql server - Part 15, SpecialOfferID column has a non-NULL value, then, according to the ON operator of the SpecialOfferID will return NULL because there is no matching record. in this box (which I can't see into) the same as whatever is in that other opaque box? comparisons confuse you, try mentally replacing NULL with “I don't know. Both the ISNULL and COALESCE statements can be used to replace NULL values with a different specified value. However the COALSCE statement can evaluate multiple NULL value expressions checks whereas the ISNULL statement has a single evaluation and replacement. Here are a couple links with additional details regarding the COALSCE and ISNULL

Beginning Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Programming, SQL allows any datatype to have a NULL value. Having a NULL string, for example, isn't the same as knowing that want a WHERE clause that filters on a column with a NULL value in it. This sort of expression must return NULL , regardless of whether you compare it to a value or to another NULL . It’s a good replacement string function for the SQL REPLACE function. You can refer to the article Top SQL String functions in SQL Server 2017 for more information. The following query replaces the pattern A, C and D with the values 5, 9 and 4 and generates a new column named GRPCODE

The '= NULL' Mistake and other SQL NULL Heresies, If we look at the columns with the NULL values, we can see how difficult it is placeholder called NULL and that all those NULL values are the same. Imagine an application that connects to two different SQL Server instances, function is within our select list to replace the NULL values with real values:  SQL Server - Select column to update based on another column value when I am trying to do replace null to zero. The column name "jan" specified in the PIVOT

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