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I'm trying to run the Azure CosmosDB Emulator in a Docker container as according to these instructions:

The main commands described are:

md %LOCALAPPDATA%\CosmosDBEmulatorCert 2>null docker run -v %LOCALAPPDATA%\CosmosDBEmulatorCert:C:\CosmosDB.Emulator\CosmosDBEmulatorCert -P -t -i -m 2GB microsoft/azure-cosmosdb-emulator

The next instruction is to import the SSL certificate on the host: cd /d %LOCALAPPDATA%\CosmosDBEmulatorCert powershell .\importcert.ps1

But the folder is empty - there's no certificate and no powershell script.

Similarly, the C:\CosmosDB.Emulator\CosmosDBEmulatorCert folder on the container is empty as well.

When everything was initializing, there's a line saying:

-a---- 10/18/2018 4:50 PM 513 CosmosDbEmulatorCert.cer

But I can't see a certificate anywhere

Use these instructions instead:

The run command showed there is slighted different. It uses --mount instead of -v option to handle volumes and binds:

(Replace %hostDirectory% for your path where you want to store the certificates like C:\Users\<youruser>\AppData\Local\azure-cosmosdb-emulator-hostd or declare it in the script)

 docker run --name azure-cosmosdb-emulator --memory 2GB --mount "type=bind,source=%hostDirectory%,destination=C:\CosmosDB.Emulator\bind-mount" -P --interactive --tty microsoft/azure-cosmosdb-emulator

You can then close the interactive shell. It will remain running.

You can fetch the image from Docker Hub by running docker pull Microsoft/azure-​cosmosdb-emulator . About the Azure Cosmos DB service. Azure Cosmos DB is​  You can migrate data between the Azure Cosmos Emulator and the Azure Cosmos DB service by using the Azure Cosmos DB Data Migration Tool. You can run Azure Cosmos Emulator on the Windows Docker container, see the Docker Hub for the docker pull command and GitHub for the Dockerfile and more information.

I found the certificate in the container in C:\CosmosDB.Emulator\bind-mount

Seems like the current plan is "go pound sand or use a live azure account". CosmosDB does have a free tier available now, which helps, but it doesn't help for  The Azure Cosmos DB Emulator can be run on Docker Windows containers. The emulator does not work on Linux containers. Once you have Docker for Windows installed, you can pull the Emulator image from Docker Hub by running the following command from your favorite shell (cmd.exe, PowerShell, etc.).

While emulation of the Azure Cosmos DB service is faithful, the emulator's The emulator does not work on Docker for Oracle Linux. Once you  azure-cosmos-db-emulator-docker unable to connect Robo 3t or mongo api. Works fine with azure document db api #33 opened Aug 28, 2019 by AnunnakiSelva

CosmosDB emulator on host. The CosmosDB emulator is locked down to localhost by default. To allow calls from within the docker cluster you  No, we do not use Azure DevOps. We use Docker (Linux) inside of Azure Container Instances. The reason we want to use the emulator is that we probably want to support thousands of requests per second but not have the overhead (network cost & monetary costs) and possible production interference by going directly against Cosmos.

The Azure Cosmos DB Emulator provides a local environment that emulates development and testing #Azure #CosmosDB #DevOps #Docker Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. The Azure Cosmos DB emulator provides a local environment that emulates the Azure Cosmos DB service for development purposes. The emulator allows you to develop and test your application locally, without creating an Azure subscription or incurring any costs. The Azure Cosmos DB emulator build task for Azure DevOps allows you to do the same in a

Use these instructions instead:​cosmosdb-emulator/. The run command showed there is slighted  On my local win10 pc everything works fine, but I am having issues installing/running the Cosmos DB Emulator on our server 2016 dev box. The explorer says “Congratulations! Your DocumentDB emulator is running.” Rather than “Congratulations! Your Azure Cosmos DB emulator is running.”