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I would like to lower the minimum API level of my application to 4.4(KitKat) from 5.0(Lollipop)

Sadly I couldn't get any real devices so I have to work with an emulator.

My app is heavily based on user's location so the main testing must be target the location changing feature.

I try to use location simulation with the official Google Android Emulator. (x86)

I have made a 4.4 Emulator and is working fine, my app works fine but when I try to send locations via the Extended control panel nothing happens.

If I load a GPX file the locations appear on the table of the extended control panel inside the GPS data playback but the device does not get any locations.

I fill the lat and longitude click on "SEND" but nothing happens.

I have also tried to simulate location changing from the Android Device Monitor's "Emulator Control" tab

The "Send" button is not clickable at all, the long and lat fields are disabled and I cannot fill anything. The "GPX" and "KML" tabs are also disabled.

I have also tried to use the Gps Emulator plugin as the following:

The progress bar do increases, so not like the first 2 methods I have tried this is finally looks like actually doing something but the emulator still not getting the location changes. Not at all.

I have tried a fourth method via command line:
telnet localhost 5554

But I have Connection refused error message.

So I cannot try to send locations via:

geo fix <longitude value> <latitude value>

(Telnet is enabled on my Windows)

I had the same problem with the SDK Tools version 25.1.7. I've updated them to 25.2 rc1 and it now works.

Beware that you cannot install the RC version from Android Studio. You have to launch the separate Android SDK Manager to see it.

Relaunch the emulator and check that you are indeed using the latest version in the Help/About screen of the Extended Controls windows.

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I had the same problem, but I managed to fix it.

Run Google Maps and accept confirmations at least once until you see the map. Do not forget to set your location setting to ON/High accuracy, as shown in the screenshot below.

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In my case, the reason was location settings in phone settings set on "Battery saving". Switched it to "High accuracy" and it worked.

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Using OS X and Android Studio, had the same problem and what worked for me was: going to the actual phone (emulator) Settings, Location, and turning off the location and turning it back on. Tested again, and started working.

I think it doesn't matter that much, but the Emulator version: 26.0.3-3965150.

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a simple emulator restart did the job for me (long click on shutdown button and select restart)

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  • What's your emulator version? Older version had a bug if a system locale where decimal separator was set to comma. It has to be fixed in the latest, 25.1.7, version
  • a simple emulator restart did the job for me (long click on shutdown button and select restart)
  • Though I am using 25.2.2-3098464 with Android N, I am not getting the lock in the emulator. Any idea why its not working?
  • To begin with, its not even getting location lock. i.e LocationServices.FusedLocationApi.requestLocationUpdates(apiClient, locationRequest, listener); is not sending any location updates
  • I have been trying to get this to work forever, I have the newest version:25.2.2-3098464, if I plug a real phone in, it gets locationUpdates, however with emulator nothing works. I have used the resolutionForResult method and everything returns success so I am at a loss.
  • Any help here? I am using Emulator version: 25.2.2-3098464 running on 6.0 (Marshmallow) - API 23 (Rev 1) but still can't get location to work :(
  • Not working with build tools version 25.2.3-3470232. How you were able to get this working with 25.2 rc1? I don't see any workaround also.
  • This should be the accepted answer. I'm running an Android 8.0 emulator, latest version and I couldn't get the location to send to the device until I set High Accuracy in Settings.
  • Agreed, this should be the accepted answer. I got no location data until I set the phone to GPS mode Only and then turned on High accuracy again. It asked me to agree and once I accepted, it was reporting the data as expected.
  • This worked for me, with one additional step. Once I had Google Maps up and running, my location was not shown. I needed to go to the Extended Controls menu in the emulator, into the location section and click send. I also updated my location there to be at my home location, just because.
  • This is a totally correct answer! I fixed mine too after a long time of investigation.
  • Wow - I was the first one to comment that this should be the accepted answer. 1.5 years later I forgot how to fix this and wasted 15 minutes trying to figure it out again, when accepting Google Maps terms is what fixed it again. Please make this the accepted answer!
  • High accuracy setting, on/off and then start maps, will enable GPS
  • Thank you. You saved me a lot of time!
  • Strange thing: it worked for me once, then it just stopped working as before. Why is that? I tried restarting my app which tracks my location but it doesn't update at all..