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I am an issue with Spring Event Listeners In my Web app, Any immediate help will be appreciated.

Event Listeners is registered and called twice, If I have cyclic dependency.

I have service class, this has @transaction annotation on another methods

public class PBSTaskServiceImpl extends StandardServiceImpl<ITask> implements          PBSTaskService,ApplicationListener<SurveyDefinitionPublishedEvent>
    private AutoSelectTaskSliceRouteSyncService autoSelectTaskSliceRouteSyncService; //  CYCLIC Dependency
    public void onApplicationEvent(SurveyDefinitionPublishedEvent event)
      System.out.println("PBSTSImpl"); // THIS IS CALLED TWICE
... Other method with @Transaction Annotation

public class AutoSelectTaskSliceRouteSyncServiceImpl implements AutoSelectTaskSliceRouteSyncService
      @Autowired private PBSTaskService pbsTaskService; // CYCLIC dependency

Now If I remove AutoSelectTaskSliceRouteSyncService dependency from First Class, OnApplicationEvent is called once, else twice.

I debugged and found out that SimpleApplicationEventMulticaster.getApplicationListeners(myEvent) : Has two proxy object, one wrapped with Cglib and another default one. But it has two only in case if it has cyclic dependency. If I remove Cyclic dependency, it has only one proxy object and that one is enahnces by CGLIB. my Tx annotation : I had tried it with proxy-target-class="true or false" but no luck.

You may want to have a look on


ApplicationEvent Listeners are called twice at many more places in our web app. This is one of scenarios that we caught up.

Reason : Listeners are registered twice. Two proxy are returned wrapped over one instance of listeners. Proxy returned are 1. Dynamic Jdk Interface proxy 2. Cglib Proxy, when we have @transactions annotations.

To recreate these three point are must:

  1. Your listeners must implements ApplicationListener 2. Your listeners must have cyclic dependency with another class 3.Your listeners must have one method annotated with @Transaction.

I have created a separate project where I am able to reproduce it with spring and hibernate. If 2 and 3 are not present together, then we are safe.

Solution I tried many tweaks with spring and transaction configuration but no luck. Then finally with my demo project when I moved the transaction code to another class, so that the listeners do not have any @transaction annotations then it worked for me.

Event Listeners in spring is called twice - spring - html, I'm having an issue where my eventListeners are all called twice for one <​Context-File>META-INF/spring/blueprint.xml</Context-File> from  I have a Spring ApplicationListener bean registered to listen for ContextRefreshed events. For some odd reason though, I get two calls to the onApplicationEvent(ContextRefreshedEvent) method at the completion of the context initialization.

In Spring classes anotated with @Service or @Component which implement the ApplicationListener interface are going to receive duplicate events. To resolve the issue, to only receive single events, just remove the @Service or @Compontent annotation.

Event Listeners being called twice., The event listeners for mousedown and touchdown are being called twice when they are not followed by a drag movement. As consequence  If the application listener is in the this.defaultRetriever.applicationListeners and it's name is in the this.defaultRetriever.applicationListeners, it will be added into the allListeners twice. It should be easy to fix this issue by change the allListeners to some kind of Set class to avoid the add the application listener twice into the

Since Spring 4.2 you can do away with implementing ApplicationListener and use the new @EventListener annotation on methods in any managed bean. This should help you avoid any conflicts.

Below is an example from https://spring.io/blog/2015/02/11/better-application-events-in-spring-framework-4-2

public class MyListener {

    public void handleContextRefresh(ContextRefreshedEvent event) {

event listener is being called twice · Issue #24 · react-spring/react , spring-issuemaster opened this issue on Dec 18, 2009 · 2 comments not reachable for event multicasting by its containing ApplicationContext because it does I hit the same error that application listener has been called twice, after digging  The recent refactoring of transaction bound events gave me an excuse to check in and practice the new annotation-driven event listeners introduced in Spring 4.2. Let’s see what can be gained.

In a case of circular dependency between Spring beans, Spring Beans machinery might (under certain circumstances) place two versions of a same bean, the bean itself and its Advised wrapper into the list of ApplicationListeners handled by an ApplicationEventMulticaster. You could, however, implement your custom ApplicationEventMulticaster and fix this bug (it looks like a bug to me).

In a snippet below a custom implementation subclasses Spring's SimpleApplicationEventMulticaster, ignores non-Advised duplicate of a bean, and leaves Advised version of it in the list of ApplicationListeners (most likely you would want an Advised version of your onApplicationEvent method to be called - in a case it is annotated with @Transactional or AOP-advised, but if you need otherwise, the change of algorithm is trivial)

public class AdviceAwareApplicationEventMulticaster extends SimpleApplicationEventMulticaster {

    protected Collection<ApplicationListener<?>> getApplicationListeners(ApplicationEvent event, ResolvableType eventType) {
        Map<ApplicationListener<?>, ApplicationListener<?>> listenersByNakedInstances = new LinkedHashMap<>();// because superclass returns sorted listeners
        Collection<ApplicationListener<?>> applicationListeners = super.getApplicationListeners(event, eventType);
        for (ApplicationListener<?> listener : applicationListeners) {
            boolean advised = false;
            ApplicationListener<?> nakedListener = null;
            if (listener instanceof Advised) {
                try {
                    nakedListener = (ApplicationListener<?>) ((Advised)listener).getTargetSource().getTarget();
                } catch (Exception e) {
                    // TODO 
                advised = true;
            } else
                nakedListener = listener;
            if (advised || !listenersByNakedInstances.containsKey(nakedListener))
                listenersByNakedInstances.put(nakedListener, listener);
        return listenersByNakedInstances.values();

You don't need to anyhow make your custom implementation known to Spring, it's enough to have it as a Spring bean and Spring Application Context will pick it up.

Also, don't forget that if there are more one Spring Application Contexts in the application, your Listener might be called for each of those, but it's altogether different story.

onApplicationEvent called twice for ApplicationListener , ApplicationListener getting called twice. Jan 23rd, 2008, 03:16 AM. hi, In my application, I have a listener class for capturing  Filtering events with a condition. A listener method can filter events by specifying Spring Expression language (SpEL) with 'condition' element of @EventListener .

ApplicationListener getting called twice, Spring event handling - onApplicationEvent is executed twice. md, Programmer Sought, the ApplicationReadyEvent 60dcc9fe com.proudsmart.iot.listener. Asynchronous event listener methods cannot publish a subsequent event by returning a value. If you need to publish another event as the result of the processing, inject an ApplicationEventPublisher to publish the event manually. Ordering Listeners. It is also possible to define the order in which listeners for a certain event are to be invoked

Spring event handling, Learn about the built-in events for the Spring application context. Typically a refresh can get triggered multiple times as long as the context has not been closed. System.out.println( "Multi-event listener invoked" );. Event Handling in Spring - You have seen in all the chapters that the core of Spring is the ApplicationContext, which manages the complete life cycle of the beans. The ApplicationContext

Spring Application Context Events, a refresh can be triggered multiple times, provided that the chosen that build upon the well-known Spring programming model. As of Spring 4.2, you can register an event listener on any  As you can see in the last few lines of the code above, a function called addListener is executed twice, which registers an event to each input. Then, addListener is executed again. I'm expecting it to not register again and ignore, but it actually registers. I don't get it. The function in the namespace called handle is exactly the same. What am I doing wrong here?

  • Faced with same problem in Grails 2.4.5 when mark service class as ApplicationListener.