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I'm developing a WPF application for Onvif Camera. By following the Onvif SDK I have successfully to connect the camera to get video stream and control ptz... Now I want to work with the SD card, the local storage on camera, but I'm have no information about that. Anybody can give me idea how to use Onvif library to connect to the SD card and get recorded data from that.

Thanks for your help.

From here:

You need to call: GetRecordingJobs

Find the recording job.

From here:

You need to call: GetReplayUri

c# - Get data from local storage (SD card) of onvif camera, Now I want to work with the SD card, the local storage on camera, but I'm have no information about that. Anybody can  Edge storage or on-board storage means the video recording at the edge of the Ethernet network as opposed to transmit the data across the network. The edge storage is able to provide three main benefits; decentralized storage, redundancy, and low bandwidth. This is the reason why it's widely used in many IP cameras.

I am not sure this fits perfectly for your need, but I think it may help you. This code can be used to connect to an Onvif IP camera and to record the stream into MPEG4 format. By using this code, the recording files will be stored automatically on the computer.

namespace Basic_CameraViewer
    public partial class MainWindow : Window
        private VideoViewerWPF _videoViewerWpf;

        private BitmapSourceProvider _provider;

        private IIPCamera _ipCamera;

        private WebCamera _webCamera;

        private MediaConnector _connector;

        private MPEG4Recorder _recorder;

        private IVideoSender _videoSender;

        public MainWindow()

            _connector = new MediaConnector();

            _provider = new BitmapSourceProvider();


        private void SetVideoViewer()
            _videoViewerWpf = new VideoViewerWPF
                HorizontalAlignment = HorizontalAlignment.Stretch,
                VerticalAlignment = VerticalAlignment.Stretch,
                Background = Brushes.Black


        private void ConnectIPCamera_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
            var host = HostTextBox.Text;
            var user = UserTextBox.Text;
            var pass = Password.Password;

            _ipCamera = IPCameraFactory.GetCamera(host, user, pass);
            if (_ipCamera == null) return;
            _connector.Connect(_ipCamera.VideoChannel, _provider);

            _videoSender = _ipCamera.VideoChannel;

        private void DisconnectIPCamera_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)


            _connector.Disconnect(_ipCamera.VideoChannel, _provider);

        private void StartCapture_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)

            if (_videoSender == null) return;
            var date = DateTime.Now.Year + "-" + DateTime.Now.Month + "-" + DateTime.Now.Day + "-" +
                        DateTime.Now.Hour + "-" + DateTime.Now.Minute + "-" + DateTime.Now.Second;

            var currentpath = AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory + date + ".mpeg4";

            _recorder = new MPEG4Recorder(currentpath);
            _recorder.MultiplexFinished += _recorder_MultiplexFinished;

            _connector.Connect(_videoSender, _recorder.VideoRecorder);

        void _recorder_MultiplexFinished(object sender, Ozeki.VoIP.VoIPEventArgs<bool> e)
            _recorder.MultiplexFinished -= _recorder_MultiplexFinished;

        private void StopCapture_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
            if (_videoSender == null) return;
            _connector.Disconnect(_videoSender, _recorder.VideoRecorder);

Here you can find a video explanation on how to implement video recording.

Get data from local storage (SD card) of onvif camera - c# - csharp, Take a look at this CodeProject article: How to Create a Video Recording Application (NVR/DVR  I am trying to retrieve recorded video from onvif camera (Axis and Hikvision cameras) to play back. I can play live stream uri from ip onvif camera. But I don't know how to implement "recording and replay" code for playback video. I reference this link. I have no idea how to implement for playback video by time (e.g from time - to time) in C#.

You should be able to copy video from the SD Card to a network storage using and the ExportRecordedData() method.

[Solved] How to retrieve playback video of onvif ip camera in C , You can play recordings stored on an SD card from an AXIS camera / encoder directly on your PC. Recordings made  Get data from local storage (SD card) of onvif camera I'm developing a WPF application for Onvif Camera. By following the Onvif SDK I have successfully to connect the camera to get video stream and control ptz

FAQ: How can I play recordings from an SD card locally on my , Some of our IP security cameras have a microSD slot as a Getting the backup video recording operational requires little setup You will need to gather 2 pieces of data: Default Gateway Step 2: Navigate to Local Storage. of your local storage for file recycling. Keep the downloaded files for (Days): Specify the number of days to keep the download files at the local hard drive. [Storage Location] To configure the storage path, click the button next to the location field and specify a storage location. 5.

Recording Security Camera to an SD Card / CCTV Camera World , Log in to the web-based interface of your camera, and format the SD card. In Configuration > Local storage > SD card  To view videos saved on a local storage SD card: Launch the Arlo app or log in to your Arlo account at Select Settings > My Devices and tap or click on the Arlo Go or Arlo Q Plus camera into which your SD card is inserted. Select Local Storage.

How to set up edge recording in Surveillance Station, The IP camera supports an SD or MicroSD card with a maximum storage capacity of 32 GB. This feature allows you to manually recover any video that is stored on the card by  Edge storage offers fail-over recording, meaning that images can be temporarily stored on the SD card on board the camera in case of network failure. When the network connection is restored and the system returns to normal operation, the central VMS can retrieve and merge local video recordings seamlessly.

  • You got solution to the mentioned problem?
  • I'm so sorry I stopped and didn't investigate more at that time.
  • @ChirsWard: Yes. I've already read them from Onvif spec. So Do I have to implement SOAP web service for my app?. Whether it is available in Onvif library? If it is then I just add referrence and use it like a session dll that is Getprofile, GetProfileConfiguration...
  • I'm not sure what is available in the Onvif SDK as I have never used it. You will need to implement the recording and replay SOAP web services directly or indirectly in order to make the appropriate calls.
  • This will not download the recording. This will replay it in realtime, which means that if one is trying to get 1 hour of a recording it will take 1 hour to stream it and save the stream somewhere. The needed approach would be to download the footage, which should be possible via
  • @Matyas Sir,Can you tell me how to implement ExportRecordngData currently i am stuck at on it. i my case i have to download the recordings from camera local storage to my pc folder, have read about onvif profile G but can't get through how to call the method. please dont mind i am new to onvif.Thank in advance.
  • @Matyas plz reply.