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I want to read from text file and print the first three words having the same initial three letters. I can get the first 3 initials but I cannot check if they are same or not.

Here is my code:

def main():
  f = open("words.txt", "r+")

  # The loop that prints the initial letters
  for word in
     # the part that takes the 3 initials letters of the word
      initials = [j[:3] for j in word.split()]



when, where, loop, stack, wheel, wheeler 


You can use a mapping from the first 3 letters to the list of words. collections.defaultdict could save you a few keystrokes here:

from collections import defaultdict

def get_words():
    d = defaultdict(list)
    with open('words.txt') as f:            
        for line in f:
            for word in line.split(', '):
                prefix = word[:3]
                if len(d[prefix]) == 3:
                    return d[prefix]
    return []

print(get_words())  # ['when', 'where', 'wheel']

Program to check if two strings are same or not, Given two strings, the task is to check if these two strings are identical(same) or not. Examples: Input: string1 = “GeeksforGeeks”, string2 = “GeeksforGeeks” Aside from staring at them closely, how can you compare two cells in Excel? Here are a few functions and formulas that check the contents of two cells, to see if they are the same. We'll start with a simple check, then move up the formula ladder, for more complex comparisons. Easy Way to Compare … Continue reading "How to Compare Two Cells in Excel"

This code snippet groups the words by there first 3 letters:

def main():
    # a dict where the first 3 letters are the keys and the
    # values are lists of words
    my_dict = {}

    with open("words.txt", "r") as f:
        for line in f:
            for word in line.strip().split():
                s = word[:3]

                if s not in my_dict:
                    # add 3 letters as the key
                    my_dict[s] = []

                if len(my_dict[s]) == 3:

    # this will only print if there are no 3 words with the same start letters

This stops the processing (I used a return statement) if you get to 3 words with the same 3 letters.

Check to see if all variable are equal to the same value in c++ , You can't chain == operators like that. You would need to write, e.g. if (row1==​row2 && row2==row3 && row3==row4 && ). As we all know, to compare if two cells are equal, we can use the formula A1=B1. But, if you want to check if multiple cells have the same value, this formula will not work. Today, I will talk about some formulas to compare if multiple cells are equal in Excel. Compare if multiple cells are equal with formulas

You can use dictionary here with first 3 characters as key. Example

f = open("words.txt", "r+")

for word in
 if word[:3] in d:


['when', 'where', 'wheel']

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def main():
  f = open("words.txt", "r+")

for word in
    record[word[:3]] = record.get(word[:3], [])+[word]
    if len(record[word[:3]]) == 3:
        print (record[word[:3]])

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Python - Check if all elements in a List are same, Sometimes we come across the need to check if we have one single value repeated in a list as list elements. We can check for such scenario  If you also want to take into account that both lists have the same size, precheck with list1.Count==list2.Count. But this check is not useful if you use a set method(see Harald's comment), it doesn't make much sense to compare the counts if you ignore duplicates afterwards.

  • What if there are no other words in the file that share the first three letters of the first word?