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I need to customize my Android application's UI based on the SIM operator that is inserted in my phone. For example, If I insert airtel, I need to get yellow UI with yellow launcher icon. For Vodafone I need to get purple UI with purple launcher icon.

Is it possible to point to different resource folder based on the operator in my phone? or How else to customize the theme? How else to achieve this?

Yes, It's simply possible! First create multiple layout xml files (for each operator). Then determine which operator you're using. TelephonyManager  Learn how to connect to the network, choose an HTTP client, and perform network operations outside of the UI thread. Managing Network Usage. Learn how to check a device's network connection, create a preferences UI for controlling network usage, and respond to connection changes. Parsing XML Data. Learn how to parse and consume XML data.

You can get carrier's name by using following code

    TelephonyManager manager = (TelephonyManager) 

String carrierName = manager.getNetworkOperatorName();

And once you have the name you can compare the string with predefined name string and then change color accordingly

Android devices with no data balance allow network traffic through, provides a default carrier app with a default behavior for traffic mitigation based on Verify network traffic is turned down and notification UI appears during  The answer to both scenarios is a custom UI component. The Android UI model is inherently customizable, offering the means of Android customization, testing, and the ability to create custom UI components in various ways: Inherit an existing component (i.e. TextView, ImageView, etc.), and add/override needed functionality. Can use mcc mnc combination with layout folder to specify region specific and operator specific customization for layout files.

You might also have Preferences that need to update their summary based on internal or external app state—a Preference that displays a version  A span of time, such as 27 days, 4 hours, 12 minutes, and 3 seconds. A Duration represents a difference from one point in time to another. The duration may be "negative" if the difference is from a later time to an earlier.

i need customize android application's ui based on sim operator inserted in phone. example, if insert airtel, need yellow ui yellow launcher icon. vodafone need  This functionality, based on the UICC Carrier Privileges introduced in Android 5.1 (Lollipop MR1), allows carrier configuration to be moved away from the static configuration overlays and gives carriers and OEMs the ability to dynamically provide carrier configuration to the platform through a defined interface.

Because, based on statistics, people don't want that. All four of these manufacturers have their own custom UI over vanilla Android. Google has always spearheaded the design and operation of Android and always it much more beautiful  You would need to make sure that any alterations to the UI are performed within the ResponseHandler to avoid freezing up the UI, then your worker thread (EventSource in the example) can perform the tasks required. I would use the AsyncTask tho, however the observer pattern can be good for customization reasons, plus its easier to understand.

Following our previous article “Why Android TV™ Pie should be your choice to distribute their own custom devices based on the Android TV platform. control other household CPE features, like the internet router, for example, When it comes to UI/UX Android TV Operator Tier is much more than just a  A custom ROM is an aftermarket firmware production based on the Android source code provided by Google. The main reason why people prefer custom ROMs is the fact that almost every company drops support for their devices after 2 years of their launch.

  • have a look here on how to the get the carrier name --…
  • have a look at this post
  • @Ajitha…
  • The above link changes only the shortcut icon and not the appdrawer icon in the application tray :(
  • ok fine thanks. If I want to change entire resource folder based on operator. Is that possible?
  • I don't think you can . You have to manually change all images