Batch file stops running after the first command

Batch file stops running after the first command

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I am using the tool 'HTML Match' to compare two HTML files. As I have to compare many files, I create a batch file like the followion. For example, I give only five sets of files.

cd "C:\Program Files\HTML Match"
HTMLMATCH.EXE "D:\Raj\compare1\a1.html" "D:\Raj\compare2\a1.html" "D:\Raj\compare_res\a1.html"
HTMLMATCH.EXE "D:\Raj\compare1\a2.html" "D:\Raj\compare2\a2.html" "D:\Raj\compare_res\a2.html"
HTMLMATCH.EXE "D:\Raj\compare1\a3.html" "D:\Raj\compare2\a3.html" "D:\Raj\compare_res\a3.html"
HTMLMATCH.EXE "D:\Raj\compare1\a4.html" "D:\Raj\compare2\a4.html" "D:\Raj\compare_res\a4.html"
HTMLMATCH.EXE "D:\Raj\compare1\a5.html" "D:\Raj\compare2\a5.html" "D:\Raj\compare_res\a5.html"

When I execute this batch file in a cmd prompt, only the first line, that is, only 'a1.html', gets compared and produces a result. Then execution stops.

Add call in front of the commands you're running.

You can also change this to a for loop, so:

FOR /L %%i in (1,1,5) DO CALL HTMLMATCH.EXE D:\Raj\compare%%i%%\a%%i%%.html D:\Raj\compare%%i%%\a%%i%%.html D:\Raj\compare_res\a%%i%%.html

In batch.bat, insert CALL before every line. Example: CALL down  When I run vs.bat, after the third call "dea usev bis" has executed successfully, the batch file stops executing further. That is both the following calls (which are part of VS.bat) don't get executed . cd ana. call b-env-i.bat

The answer to your problem is to write CALL HTMLMATCH.EXE (and the rest of the parameters). Just use CALL in front of every executable command in the batch file.

I have batch file that I am running and it works fine for the most part tell I need it to run the second command after the first command runs. 3 Ways To Prevent Command Prompt From Closing After Running Commands (Batch File Pause) First way. Open the batch file in Notepad by right clicking on it and click on "Edit" from the list. Second Way. The second way I am going to show you is also a simple method. Third Way. You can prevent

I was looking for something really similar and tried, I think, all the replies left here but I finally found the solution to my problem!!

In my script I want to check if one process is running, if not, start it (a .exe) and then check if another process is running, if not, start it too (but leave all the programs opened) and the problem is that the first .exe was started but then not moving to the second one because it was waiting until the process ended. It´s finally working for me with start and the magic comes with...


it works for me as:

start "program1" /separate program1.exe
other commands

Before it stopped after starting program1 because it was waiting until it was closed, I think, but this was not going to happen because I wanted to leave it opened. Now with the start /separate it continues with the other commands.

I found it in another forum but the thing is that it´s the manual, /separate is used to start in another memory space.

When attempting to create a batch file to run a Python script multiple times, the batch file exits after only the first command is performed. I have the first .bat file, down.bat, for downloading movie trailers from C:\wget.exe -U "QuickTime/7.6.2" %1 And I also have this second file, batch.bat with all the trailers I want to download:

You don't have to insert quotation marks where there isn't any space mark between.

Try that:

HTMLMATCH.EXE D:\Raj\compare1\a1.html D:\Raj\compare2\a1.html D:\Raj\compare_res\a1.html

Maybe it will solve your issue.

That means, each step in the script must finish before the next step starts. The "​start" command was created to run steps asynchronously: start <  Without call the batch will stop after the first command, hence the second two not executing.… for more info on call – Owen Oct 27 '10 at 19:32

After the batch file has executed its last line of code it will stop running, unless the last line contained a GOTO command forcing it to re-execute  When the second batch file exits, the interpreter will have forgotten all about the original batch file you invoked. The call command causes the interpreter to keep track of where the invoking bbatch file left off, and return there when the called batch file exits. – Mark Bessey May 3 '13 at 19:13

When I run the batch file, it performs the 1st drush command it finds, com/​questions/7320074/batch-file-stops-running-after-the-first-command. This batch program runs in an endless loop—the goto begin command sends the command interpreter to the Begin label of the batch file. To stop this batch program, press CTRL+C and then press Y. To stop this batch program, press CTRL+C and then press Y.

Either calling the exe directly from the batch file, or using start /wait will work but and then exits the batch file will continue processing after the called exe has know how long it takes to execute, you can take a look at the sleep command,  Batch files may be considered “old hat” by a lot of people (or a complete mystery to the younger ones!) but they are sometimes still the easiest way to execute simple jobs as they have practically no requirements other than a command shell process to run within – yes there is a strong probability that