Why won't Python store 0 in list?

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I have the following code that takes an input number, multiplies the first digit by 3 and then prints out the first digit. When I input 023, it gives me 6 instead of 0. Why is that?





You are doing:


So if input() = '023', int('023') will be 23. So a=23

b=str(a) => b='23'

int(b[0]) => c=2*3=6

You should do:




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If you want to keep all the digits you're entering you shouldn't convert your input into an int:

a=input('Enter a number: ') 

If you enter 023 this returns 0.

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You can use a while loop to keep asking the user for digit-only input until the user enters one, and you should use the list() constructor to convert the digits to a list:

while True:
    a = input('Enter digits: ')
    if a.isdigit():
    print('Please enter only digits.')

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  • You're converting the input string to int, so the leading zero is removed.
  • How should I make it not remove the 0?
  • I guess by not converting it into an int: a = input()
  • How can I do it if I want to restrict the input to int?
  • Why don't you make the user enter a list of integers? For doing that, I suggest you to follow this answer.
  • This works but it also allows suspicious inputs to go through, such as 3foo, which might be valid or not depending on the OP's use cases.