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Let's say i have a table with three rows. In one column, i have these vaules

  1. coach
  2. Assistant Coach
  3. Coach assistant coach
  4. Coach

If i do a search now for "coach", all rows return. I don't want that. What I need is two sets of code to do the following operations:

1) to be able to type the word "coach" and only have it return rows 1 and 3. 2) to be able to type the word "coach" and only have it return row 1 (case sensitive)

In other words, I don't want any records returned that have the substring coach. Just coach. I haven't been able to figure this out as there is a space between assistant and coach and the regex i have recognizes the free standing word and returns it.

Let me know if this is possible.

My current code is:

var stringFilter = $(this).val();          
var myregex = ("\\b" + stringFilter + "\\b");

If you want search by exact string you can use column().search() try this code:

dt.column(0).search("^" + "coach" + "$", true, true, false).draw();


jquery, Let's say i have a table with three rows. In one column, i have these vaules. coach; Assistant Coach; Coach assistant coach; Coach. If i do a search now for  This would for with column().search(), but it doesn't work with the global search() method because of how DataTables internally implements the search. Basically, instead of searching each cell in the row individually (which is slow) it will store a cache of a double space separated string for the row's data and run the regex on that.

Jeff, try the following code:

$(document).ready( function () {
var table = $('#example').DataTable();
} );

Remember that columns starts in 0. Check if your column is in the position #7. Hope this helps!

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data table provide more flexibility. to work with table data please find below it will help:

/*column().search( input [,regex[ , smart[ , caseInsen ]]] ) */

 $("#add_grid").DataTable().column(i).search($('#col' + i + '_filter').val(), true,true,false).draw();

search(), DataTables 1.10 adds the ability to search for an exact phrase by enclosing the If you wish to use a custom regular expression, for example to perform whole disable the smart search option (third parameter) to ensure that the two do not  Each search (global or column) can be marked as a regular expression (allowing you to create very complex interactions) and as a smart search or not. When smart searching is enabled on a particular search, DataTables will modify the user input string to a complex regular expression which can make searching more intuitive.

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  • Can you try if ($("#add_grid").DataTable().column().columns(7).search("\"" + myregex + "\"",true,false)) >= 0) { $("#add_grid").DataTable().column().columns(7).search("\"" + myregex + "\"",true,false).draw(); }
  • You might have better luck asking a question about the regex and not datatables
  • I think I should begin checking existing answers before wasting time only ro produdce an answer already there :)
  • That did it! Thanks.
  • Why i modifier is not working in this sample?
  • @MiguelFebres remove '/' and 'i' from your example check:
  • @CMedina the problem was with laraval datatables library. It's working. Thanks.
  • I know about the column indexes. I don't see how your code is any different than what I wrote outside of changing the column index.
  • Jeff, are you working with client side or server side?
  • Jeff, this may help you:…