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I have two Picturebox and both should be transparent background, but the real problem is both transparent for form background but not over each other .

here's photo of my problem:

Picturebox1.visible = true  \\ will turn on a box
Picture box.visible = false \\ will turn a box off

Place both boxes over one another then turn on the one you want to be seen, and off the one you do not want to see, reverse the order to switch between them.

How to Overlap two picture box with transparent background in C# , Try draw all child picture to parent picture!! Hide Copy Code. void ParentPictureBox_Paint(object sender, PaintEventArgs e) { Graphics g = e. Follow three steps process to set the transparent color. Step 1: Locate the constructor for your control class. Step 2: In the constructor, call the SetStyle method of your form. This will enable your control to support a transparent backcolor. SetStyle(ControlStyles.SupportsTransparentBackColor, true);

Me.Picturebox2.Parent = Me.Picturebox1 : Me.Picturebox2.Visible = True

Transparent background in a pictureBox, Do This, Set the backcolor of PictureBox to be same as the backcolor of the form on which it is. Eg. if. Hide Copy Code. this. Also try doing it once with some other image which has true transparency. Maybe your image does 

I think op want to have both image visible, but the 1st girl transparent part to be really transparent, and not hide the other girl.

to achieve that you need add all of your image into the SAME graphic element, starting from the deepest one ( background) to the highest one ( the one on the top )

 private back as New bitmap("C:/background.bmp") 
 private girlOnTop as New bitmap("C:/topGirl.bmp") 
 private girlInMiddle as New bitmap("C:/middleGirl.bmp") 

'set the size of your graphic base on the background 

 Dim BMP As New Bitmap(back.Width, back.Height) 

'create a graphic base on that
 Dim GR As Graphics = Graphics.FromImage(BMP)

'draw onto your bmp starting from the background
 GR.DrawImage(back, 0, 0)

'set X,y to the coordinate you want your girl to appear
 GR.DrawImage(middleGirl, X, Y)
 GR.DrawImage(topGirl, X, Y)

'clear the picturebox
pbox1.Image = Nothing

'now that we have draw all our image onto the same bitmap, assign it to your picturebox element
pbox1.Image = BMP

Make picturebox control always on-top and transparent over all , In one of the forms, there are two picturebox controls. What I am required to do are: They should always be on top of all other controls.

add panel 1 and set image to panel 1 add panel 2 and set image to panel 2

drag panel 1 or 2 into panel 1 or 2 you want to make it behind or front

so it transparent

Make overlapping picturebox transparent in, I want to see the bottom picture box through the transparent pixels of the of two Image objects and draw one over another, then display it in PictureBox .

[RESOLVED] PictureBox Overlaying Picturebox?-VBForums, Bounds) Then 'Code here To Overlay/Animate On top of Picture Box End if. Brick Image Have a Charcter in the Background or Make it Transparent of the pictureboxes to bring a particular one to the "front" of other controls 

[HELP]Making Picturebox background transparent : csharp, is there a way to make the image of one PB appear on the "supposedly" transparent part of another PB object or do I need other objects alltogether for that? 10 

Visual Studio C Picturebox Png Transparent Over Other Picturebox , This article tells you how to make a bitmap of a picturebox with transparent background but in my form it is not transparent when it comes above another image