MethodNotAllowedHttpException - put and delete

the delete method is not supported for this route supported methods post
laravel delete method
put method in laravel
the patch method is not supported for this route
laravel destroy method
laravel update route

I want to delete an item but I got this error message:

 (1/1) MethodNotAllowedHttpException

in RouteCollection.php line 255
at RouteCollection->methodNotAllowed(array('PUT', 'DELETE'))

my routes:

Route::group(['prefix' => '/Seller', 'middleware' => ['seller_access']], function ()  {


    Route::group(['prefix' => '/Products'], function ()  {
        Route::get('/', 'MarketingBundle\Seller\Product\ProductController@index')->name('marketing.seller.product.index');
        Route::delete('/{id}', 'MarketingBundle\Seller\Product\ProductController@delete')->name('marketing.seller.product.delete');
        Route::put('/{id}', 'MarketingBundle\Seller\Product\ProductController@update')->name('marketing.seller.product.update');

my url:


my controller:

class ProductController extends Controller

    public $resources = "marketing.seller.product";

    public function index(Request $request)

        $products = \Auth::user()->sellerProduct()->paginate(10);
        return view($this->resources . '.index', [
            'products' => $products

     * @param $product_id
     * @return \Illuminate\Http\JsonResponse
    public function delete($product_id)
        \Auth::user()->sellerProduct()->detach(['product_id' => $product_id]);
        return response()->json(['status' => true]);

re-order your routes like this.

Route::delete('/{id}', 'MarketingBundle\Seller\Product\ProductController@delete')->name('marketing.seller.product.delete');
Route::put('/{id}', 'MarketingBundle\Seller\Product\ProductController@update')->name('marketing.seller.product.update');
Route::get('/', 'MarketingBundle\Seller\Product\ProductController@index')->name('marketing.seller.product.index');

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This is from the laravel documentation:

Any HTML forms pointing to POST, PUT, or DELETE routes that are defined in the web routes file should include a CSRF token field. Otherwise, the request will be rejected. You can read more about CSRF protection in the CSRF documentation:

MethodNotAllowedException most likely has somehting to do with the csrf token, did you add this in your view when posting to the delete function? It means your view needs to have something like this:


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In order for laravel to know you're sending a patch or delete request you need to add a method field into your forms.

<form method='POST' action='#'>
{{ method_field('PATCH') }} 


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