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I am trying to find and click this element using Cypress:

<input class="form-control btn btn-primary" type="button" value="Log out">

I have tried several variations, but the closest is this:

 cy.get("input[type='button']").filter('.btn-primary').should('have.value','Log out').click()

So when I run this, I get the following response:

expected [ <input.form-control.btn.btn-primary>, 1 more... ] to have value Log out, but the value was Edit.

Sure, there is a button there called Edit, but it is not the one I want. I have specified what I want with the should('have.value','Log out') clause.

So - why does it insist on trying to use the wrong element & failing?

Update: I finally got this working.

This is the solution I went with in the end:

    .should('have.value','Log out').then(($btn) => {

can you try

cy.get('input').find("[value='Log out']").click()


   cy.get("[value='Log out']").click()

Obviously you need your developers to add ids, but I know your situation.

You could also try if there is only one btn-primary

cy.get('.btn-primary').click() yields no error, but wrong element is clicked · Issue #6165 , Pick a username yields no error, but wrong element is clicked #6165 I'm having a hard coming up with a minimal example to reproduce the cypress-bot bot added the stage: awaiting response label on Jan 15. You've sent Cypress down a tunnel that is always going to resolve - but resolve to the wrong elements. We should actually write a best practice on this - but you should chain as few commands together as possible. Give Cypress enough information to know what you want instead of chunking it into many little operations as possible.

This was the solution that worked for me:

.should('have.value','Log out').then(($btn) => {

applies blur to wrong element after a series of tests · Issue #610 , Can you check to see if you still have this issue? Our next major release is 1.0.0 and Cypress will be open source then. Here cy is Cypress itself and visit is a Cypress method for browsing to a given path. get instead is a method for selecting elements in the page. With this code we tell Cypress "go grab the form in the page". In a minute we'll see Cypress in action, but first, a bit of configuration! Configuring Cypress

How about to set an unique testID for that button and get it as simple as it can be.

Something like:

data-test-id= "log-out-button" //put that in your button code

and then in Cypress:


even though you can set a function to get those testID's more effectively:

Command.Cypress.add('getTestID', (testID) => {

and now everything you do for getting that button (or every element with testID is: cy.getTestID('log-out-button')

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