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I have a .exe which requires 3 integers as input. For example:

myCode.exe < input.txt

In input.txt:


Now I want to put the command in a batch file. how can I write the batch file? (Here I want to pass 3 fixed integers in the batch file)


This may also work:

echo 2
echo 3
echo 8
) | mycode.exe

If I type the PW and press [Enter], the program works correctly(image is the output of running the above command from batch file). All I want to do  Batch Script - Files Inputs. When a batch file is run, it gives you the option to pass in command line parameters which can then be read within the program for further processing. The batch files parameters can be recalled from within the program using the % operator along with the numeric position of the parameter.

try this:


myCode.exe %1 %2 %3

call example:

run.bat 111 222 333

and with file:

run.bat < input.txt

Now user will supply parameter in post build event to the bat file . How can i pass this to the exe that it is executing. Any pointers are highly  To start an application from a batch file you will do something like this start application.exe to send parameters to the application you just need to put the parameters after the application so if you wanted to open a website in IE you would do it like this

Here is a batch one-liner that will create the file for you and supply it as an input to the myCode.exe:

echo 2 3 8 > output & myCode.exe output

Otherwise, you'll probably need to modify your program to read the arguments directly from command line.

It's possible to redirect the program standard input/output/error streams to or from a file, but I think there is no way to redirect a command line contents to a standard input stream. Take a look at this page for details on batch redirection.

Microsoft Windows Server instructions for how to pass parameters to a batch file from expert John Savill. When you call a batch file, you can enter data after the command that the batch file refers to as %1, %2, etc. For example, in the batch file hello.bat, the following command. The following table outlines how you can modify the passed parameter. The following table shows how you can combine some of the parameters.

try type input.txt | myCode.exe

I want a bat script, which is required input message text as a parameter, append with other exe. I have a exe. Client require launch this exe with  Eg: echo y | program.exe "echo <answer> | <batch command>" Ex: The del /P command option will prompt for user's confirmation before deleting the file. So if you are using this option in your batch script, it requires manual input to proceed further.

Enter and it launches cmenu32.exe and opens the cif file name they input. Reply. Brit Hefty ∙. Batchfile. IF %M%==1 ( CLS SET /P CIF=What is the filename? How can I pass parameters into batch file running exe? I have program which requires 2 parameters, and I want to run it 5 five times using bat file with defined parameters. Something like that: FOR /L %%G IN (1,1,5) DO start "path" program.exe -20 -15 where 20 and 15 are parameters. It doesn't recognize 20 and 15, so how can I define it?

Can anyone give me the syntax. My exe(parser.exe) parses text files and needs folder path as input parameter. I tried : parser.exe "D:  I need to pass an ID and a password to a batch file at the time of running rather than hardcoding them into the file. Here's what the command line looks like: test.cmd admin P@55w0rd > test-log.txt. batch-file arguments. share.

On Windows systems, this is done via the command prompt or cmd.exe. This batch command searches for a string in files or input, outputting matching lines. You can retrieve a value from the array by using subscript syntax, passing the  So now %id% is set to Enter ID: which was echoed on your screen as requested in the batch file BEFORE you called the jstack. But I suspect you DID have the jstack %id% > jstack.txt in your batch file code with the %id (and omitted it by mistake from the question), and that you hit enter without typing in an id.